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Prepaid calling cards

A prepaid calling card implies what you pay a fixed amount up front which may be for minutes, units or in your national currency. Usually the time based calling cards (or phone card) come in steps of 100, 300, 600, or 1000 minutes.Money based phone cards start at $3 and go up to around $100. When you make a call, the total price of the call which is frequently made up of several elements is accumulated and the remaining value on the calling card is reduced by the cost of the telephone call.

Pre paid cards have several main preference:

  • Strict budget control.
  • Flexibility in choice of carrier.
  • Cost effective for travellers in hotels.
  • Cost effective for students and scholars.
  • Fund Raising.

Most prepaid calling card are used while the value of the card is reached or the card expires. They are then discarded and a new one is purchased. Some prepaid calling cards can be automatically recharged.

List of prepaid calling card

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