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Student phone cards

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The demand for student calling cards is on the rise with millions of students looking for inexpensive and reliable calling solutions each year. Sometimes phone calls can be expensive, especially long distance and overseas calls. While browsing through different cards and plans, you must know about different charges. Some cards have hidden charges and maintenance fees which however, cost less. You might have connection fees and service fees when you make calls.

There are a lot of reasons why people use a cheap phone card. In case your family lives in a different state or country, these phone cards help you keep in touch with them and you save money in the process. Calling from your cell phone can cost you a fair bit but with these cards, they save money.

You need to know certain things before you purchase a calling card, especially if you are a student. Check the per-minute fees for call cards to your country of choice and the different plans they have. Recharging is an issue, so make sure it can be done easily. The expiration dates, connection fees and money back offers are some aspects you should look at.

A lot of service providers offer you static PIN numbers. Recharging becomes extremely easy and can be done by your parents, friends, and even you. Online phone cards are also a very viable option as you don’t have to maintain or risk losing a plastic card. Customer support is available too so even if you feel lost, they help. Students can go for Prepaid International Calling Cards or International Phone Call Credit Cards. The former is very commonly used. A card is purchased with a specific balance and when you run out of balance making calls you just buy another one. The latter on the other hand work like credit cards which you use to make calls with and it charges you on the landline back home. The bill can be paid later. It is easier and more convenient to buy and prepaid calling card as you get to know exactly how much you spend and how much you have left. You won’t have to worry about a huge bill when you get back from your study abroad trip.

When you get your card, you are provided with numbers which are important. For instance, the local access numbers give you a lower per minute rate and you can enjoy long calls. In addition, toll free access numbers give you a more reliable call and a clearer connection. You would want to learn which number you should call in certain situations.

An international student need not worry about running up huge bills when he or she calls home. You just need to look for a good calling card which fits your needs and you won’t feel alone when you are away. Call home. Talk. And concentrate on studies and life abroad won’t feel like it’s without friends and family like what you had back home. That is the advantage of these calling cards.

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