EuroTalk and Euromaster calling cards

February 18, 2009 on 4:46 pm | In Calling cards | 1 Comment

EuroTalk and Euromaster are two calling cards that offer low, low rates for local and international calls. Both cards provide similar services and great features. But what are the pros and cons of each card?

There are noticeable similarities. Where cutting costs is concerend, both cards boast no connection fee as well as low pay phone charges. At the same time, they offer access to a wide number of destinations.

But where does each calling card have an upperhand? To begin with, Eurotalk boasts more attractive cost reduction features. They have no service charge and no maintenance fee. On the other hand, Euromaster might charge a maintenance fee but it is low enough to be a cash-saver.
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Discovery calling card

January 16, 2009 on 4:10 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

We want present new calling card – Discovery, provided by ACC carrier. This card can be used for call from Canada, USA – Continental. Discovery is a refillable phone card with Permanent PIN option – you can add calling time on-line at any time from phone or using auto-refill feature.

disovery calling card

Discovery calling cards not have maintenance or connection fees, service taxes and surcharge is 15%, payphone charge is 99 с. Rounding time is only 1 minute, validity period unlimited. Also you may use PIN Free Access feature if not want enter PIN with every call, just register phone number with Discovery calling card and it’ will recognizing automatically after dialing. You can registered up 10 various telephone numbers.

Discovery calling card provide high quality of connection and lowest calling rates to many countries from USA and Canada. Available Toll Free Access and Local Access numbers that get cheapest rates in your area for overseas and domestic calls.

The Amazing Untold Benefits of Prepaid Phone Cards

December 6, 2008 on 12:09 pm | In Calling cards | 3 Comments

You answer your phone and it is someone that you definitely don’t want to talk to. A boyfriend or girlfriend or your boss wanting to know why you didn’t show up for work. So, how do you get out of it without making a bad situation worse? The answer is simple. Tell them that your prepaid minutes are down to the last final seconds then simply hang up the phone.

Can You Hear Me Now!!??

Works like a charm! This is but one of the many benefits of using a prepaid phone cards that they don’t show you in the advertisements and there are many more than that. For instance maybe you are one of these type of people that don’t like their personal information spread all over the place.

Who is John Doe?

With a prepaid phone cards cellphone plan you can give them any name or address that you like when you purchase your phone and initiate service. Also, when all of your shady friends get caught for what ever it is that they are doing, your name won’t show up an any list when they search their phone to see who they were calling.

Only So Many Minutes for Your friends to Steal

So they all go to Leavenworth and you go to the beach to work on your tan! So while the minutes do cost more the benefits that a best prepaid calling card plan offers are many. For instance, you don’t have to worry about anyone using your phone to call China and talk all night when you are asleep in your bedroom.

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International Calls – Choices and Options

December 4, 2008 on 3:38 pm | In Telecommunication services | No Comments

You may not know this but only a few decades back, international calls were very expensive. In fact, when adjusted for inflation it was not uncommon for a short international call to cost what would be in todays money $50 or more.

So now not only are there far more options for making international calls but what you have to pay for them can vary widely as well. Right now the least expensive option is what is known as VoIP. This stands for voice over Internet protocol and with this option your call is basically transferred over the Internet.

One option that offers complete convenience is prepaid phone cards. While you do have to enter in an extensive pin code to use them, you can use them literally anywhere at any time. This means that you can can even give one as gift to someone that has friends or relatives in another country.

Of course, just about every calling plan now offers international calls and they will beoverseas calls with, another may be more expensive depending on the terms of your agreement with the provider.

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International Calling Cards – Distance No More

November 24, 2008 on 2:38 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

 We are living in a world where days are getting longer and distance shorter. No more are we bound by time zones and distance has taken a backseat for now. Telephone, one instrument that has changed the whole way the world communicates. And along came internet, just to fasten it some more. All the technology is being designed with one thing in mind, less is more. International calling cards is the best to have happened to those who are shores away from their homes.

Since long the issue of cost for an international call has been haunting the telephone companies. With business no more being restricted to the founding countries, the international business calls has always been on a high. However with more and more people moving out of their native country to the countries with opportunities, the need to talk to the family left behind or the personal calls has propelled the international calling business. More and more players are flooding the market to get a share in this phenomenally increasing market.

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Personal Toll Free Numbers: The New Status Symbol

October 19, 2008 on 10:43 am | In Telecommunication services | No Comments

 In an age where boundaries don’t matter, you are not far away from your family or customers. With increased commercialization came sales, with sales came after sales service and then came Customer satisfaction; Customer satisfaction lead to Toll Free Numbers, wherein the consumer wherever they were, could call for resolution of their queries and never charged a dime for the same! The latest in these series is Personal Toll Free Numbers.

Many people today are subscribing to Toll Free Numbers and the best part is that these are easily manageable. In other words, the calls can be routed to any phone anywhere in the world. Also these numbers can be remembered very easily and act as status symbols for many. Of course what better than ‘self branding’, and what best than a Personal Toll Free Number that speaks for your personality.

Having a personal toll free number, is one convenient option. With increasing mobility between cities even countries, one ends up maintaining various phones which sometimes becomes cumbersome to maintain.

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New Calling Card – Solaris

August 26, 2008 on 1:20 pm | In Calling cards | 5 Comments

Solaris is a premium calling cards from NTC service providers for making phone calls  from the USA and still multiple countries (97) to any destination in the world with lowest rates. Solaris phone card is an excellent choice for office, home or travels use.

solaris calling card

This card has no connection and maintenance fees. Solaris is a Permanent PIN phone cards with a handly Refill options and a PIN Free Access feature. Rounding time is one minute, Service taxes and surcharges – 17%, pay phone charge is 99c. Solaris calling card has Local access numbers and Toll free access numbers. Using Solaris is the best way to remain connected with your business, family and friends wherever you are. Validity period of this phonecard unlimited and you can use it any time.

Solaris offer cheapest rates for international calling from France, calling from Germany, calling from Spain, calling from Russia. Solaris bring the lowest rates from all these and still 93 destinations without any maintenance and connection fees!

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August 16, 2008 on 3:53 pm | In Cell phones | 2 Comments

The cell phone is the best thing that has happened to today’s man on the move. These have become such integral part of our lives that one can’t think of the times when the cell phones did not exist. So much so that you might forget to carry your Bible on a Sunday service, but not your mobile! With so many service providers in the market it’s easy to find just the right connection that suits your pocket and budget.

cingular prepaid cards

Cingular Prepaid Wireless is one of the leading cell phone service providers in the world. Its subscriber friendly packages are a sure hit amongst its users. To start with they have two options to chose from- Pay As you Go wherein the subscriber buys minutes as is the normal case and Pick Your Plan which is more like the usual cell phone plans but with the prepaid benefits thrown in.

The Pay As You Go also offers two options i.e. The “Best Value” Option with four plans ranging from $29.99 to $69.99 a month, there are a good number of free minutes thrown in and the other being “Simple Value” option that offers mobile to mobile calls at 25 cents/minute. Pick your Plan provides four mobile web plans in the range of $5-$20/month.

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Prepaid calling cards

July 14, 2008 on 4:25 pm | In Calling cards | No Comments

 Alexander Graham Bell, when he spoke that sentence over the telephone, never would have imagined, how it would change the way the world communicates. Phones have become an integral part in our daily lives, both fixed lines as well as cell phones. The need to stay in touch at all times is what is driving the technology today. Prepaid calling cards are just a result of this need. Hence with increasing physical distance, people like to communicate and stay in touch with their dear ones; however at minimum expense incurred.

Prepaid calling cards have comes as a viable solution for all those budget conscious folks. They are convenient, flexible and offer budget friendly options. All one has to do is buy a prepaid calling card, and follow all the instructions that are given on the card, just dial the access number on the card, and the user is informed of the balance on the card, and then simply dial the desired number and tring tring you are chatting with your dear ones far away may be in a different country.

Yes, its that easy, no rocket science. And guess what it also tells your balance once you end your conversation, so you can keep a tab on your pocket. With competition increasing and more players flooding the market, it’s never been so good for the consumer. No more those long lines to get to pay phones, just pick up the phone dial the number and happy talking!

STI mobile

June 30, 2008 on 2:47 pm | In Cell phones | 1 Comment

The best innovation that can be seen in the last quarter century is the mobile phone. The last decade has seen an explosion of mobile connections with it becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. With even children carrying them to schools, the market still will go only one side UP. It’s not surprising that with so much of scope, there are too many players in the market with each vying for their own share of pie. One such provider, STI mobile, which is a subsidiary of New York, based Telco Group Inc., with over 80 years if telecom experience can be termed as a solid performer.


Operating on Sprint PCS network for calls, STI Mobile provides call quality which is big brand like. The calling plans offered are flexible with three basic plans by STI Prepaid. Plan options range from chargeable calls per minute to having free minutes and unlimited nights and weekends at $49.99/month. The best thing being that the night minutes are applicable from 7PM onwards! Also there are no roaming charges being applicable to the service, though the only hitch being that roaming is restricted to a limited area.


Along with activation fee of $4.95 and long distance calling considered as regular calling it is a viable option to the customer. Though customer voice support is available for limited hours, the same is available through E mail and dealer locations. As for payment options the same is Also recharge cards available in various denominations, with flexibility even in the plan with fixed fee, here’s Happy Calling!

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