T-Mobile Calling Plans

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T-Mobile is one of the big names in the communications industry today. They are cited as one of the largest mobile service providers in the world. And that’s not all. They also rank highly as having one of the largest wireless communication networks.
T-Mobile deserves this status for a number of reasons. They are renowned for their moderate calling rates that suit travelers and students alike. Furthermore, they also offer attractive calling plans and bundles that cater to every user group.

And just what is so appealing about T-mobile deals? Well, firstly, their calling plans are tailored to fit the needs of a wide variety of users. Whether it is a businessman, a tourist or student, they offer something for everyone. Another attractive feature is their competitive rates. Thus, their internet usage rates, calling rates and surplus charges are lower than most of their competitors.
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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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Sony Ercisson Xperia X1 is another eagerly awaited smartphone to hit the market recently. Boasting attractive features, it certainly serves as a viable competitor to other favored phones.

The Xperia has been talked about for its beautiful design. The sleek contours and smooth sliding keyboard definitely contributes to this view.
sony xperia
The smartphone also offers the vital PDA applications like organiser, task management applications and a calendar. To this effect, the Xperia appeals to all age groups where it is also well-liked as a user-friendly smartphone.

Other noteworthy features include the multimedia functionality, 3 MP camera and excellent web connectivity options. There are various media players that enhance the music listening experience which will appeal to young users. The camera offers little bonus options like auto focus and LED flash.
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Personal Toll Free Number Redirection Service

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Personal toll free number redirection service is another brilliant innovation within the communication industry. Easy to use and efficient, this service is ideal for both personal and business use.

How does it work? All it requires is a simple registration procedure with the service provider. The purpose is to sign up your personal phone number as the dialing device. The service provider will then provide your with a personal access number that enables fast and efficient access to you.

Why would you use such a service? First of all, keep in mind that acquiring a redirection service of this type diverts all charges to you. Is this useful in anyway? As a matter of fact it is. Think of the ease with which family members, especially younger children can call you with this personal access number. Furthermore, if you own a business, your employees can reach you quickly, especially during hectic on-the-field ventures.

Review of Cardinal Calling Cards

September 30, 2009 on 3:29 pm | In Calling cards | 4 Comments

Cardinal prepaid calling cards provided by and ACC offering you outstanding service with best calling rates to many countries via Local access numbers with excellent connection’s quality. With this card you can make calls from phone located in multiple countries of the world to any destinations. But please not forget ensure that using access number is local for your area to avoid additional charges.
Cardinal calling card doesn’t Maintenance and Connection Fees as well as Service Taxes & Surcharges. If you’ll us phone card with payphone charge will 99 cents. Rounding time for Cardinal is one minute. Cards accept local access numbers to 27 countries of the world and toll-free numbers for USA and Canada.
Cardinal prepaid card is refillable card with PIN Free Access option, also with Cardinal you may use Speed Dial feature that allow you dial hard remember long phone numbers via press only 3 buttons only.
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Benefits of Calling Cards

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The world is becoming a smaller place; people travel longer distances for work, young ones are moving abroad for further studies and improved transport systems has spurred the growth of travel and tourism. What is the biggest worry for all these people? Finding an effective method of voice communication with loved ones, of course.
Travel Card
How was this normally achieved? Traditional voice communication means like landlines can result in expensive monthly bills and troublesome paperwork. At that rate, frequent communication might not be possible.

This is where calling cards come into play. Boasting fast, effective communication at low rates, calling cards are a frequent flyer’s best friend.

Firstly you no longer have to look for long-distance enabled landlines. With calling cards, all you need is to sign up and log onto the service via a simple access code. It works anywhere, at anytime.
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LG Incite Review

August 23, 2009 on 2:58 pm | In Cell phones | 1 Comment

LG Incite (CT 810) is another smartphone that is making waves this year. Boasting in-demand multimedia features and the latest hi-tech additions like the touchscreen capability, the cell phone certainly caters to a wide user group.

Where basic features are concerned, the phone offers vital applications like web browsing, task management and note taking.
LG Incite
This enables all users to utilitze this phone for both work and personal usage. To this effect, some of the applications available on the LG Incite include Microsoft ActiveSync and Office Mobile.

The LG Incite also provides excellent internet connectivity options. With both Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity, it appeals to both business-minded people as well as younger users. Extra features like integrated music player and other multimedia options like games and access to MEdia Mall are also worth mentioning.

Other attractions of the phone include a top quality camera phone (3 mega-pixel).

Coupon Code for Purchasing Phone Cards with 10% Off

August 16, 2009 on 3:35 pm | In Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Due to celebrating Swatantrata Divas (India’s Independence Day) we offering 10% discount to all Phone cards. For buying cards with 10% off just choose any phone cards with amount over $10 and use Coupon code: #INDIA09. Hurry, this offer is available until Aug 20th.

El Toro vs Mariachi. Comparing calling cards

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El Toro Calling Cards and Mariachi International Calling Cards are cards that provide low rates for international calls. Each brand also offer competitive rates to specific locations, giving them an extra edge over their peers. Well, what are the benefits of using either card?
el toro mariachi
While each card focuses their lowest rate in certain areas, the Mariachi card covers a wider range. So the Mariachi card boasts one of the lowest call rates from Mexico while the El Toro’s lower charges apply to fewer regions. The Mariachi card also offer more local access numbers than the latter.

However, El Toro also have their pros. Their cards have no maintenance charges while the Mariachi card charges 69c per week. At the same time, the former have a shorter rounding time and thus saves the caller a bit of extra cash. Another attractive feature include its unlimited validity period which saves users the hassle and money of buying new calling cards.

Permanent PIN feature

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What are the key features of efficient communication? Easy access, user-friendly options and secure connections. And those are three good ways to sum up the permanent pin feature offered by most modern calling cards.

Permanent PIN follows the same basic rule as having a personal identification number for, say, your bank account. And this is how it works for calling cards. You sign up for an account whereby you are given a pin number. After that, every time you want to make a call you simply have to refill in a certain amount to the pin number.

How is this any different or easier than making a long distance call from a land line? Well, to begin with, you don’t have to search for a line that has international calling enabled on it. To access the permanent pin, you simply have to log on and access your pin via the internet. And keep in mind that such access over the internet ensures cheaper calling rates with minimal extra costs.

Samsung Omnia

July 29, 2009 on 3:07 pm | In Cell phones | 1 Comment

Samsung Omnia is one of the highest rated cellphones this year. It is a sleek mobile device that incorporates touchscreen capability as well as offering numerous other innovative features.
Given the popularity of touchscreen technology, it is small wonder that this release has become big news. One of the biggest attractions of the Omnia is the packaging of in-demand features alongside competitive prices. In fact it would be fair to note that the Omnia boasts lower prices than the primary competitors.

There are other noteworthy features of the Omnia. For instance, the slim design and lightweight caters to a younger on-the-go audience. The 5 megapixel camera offers top quality photography, keeping the phone in step with major competitors. And of course, there are other appealing factors like significantly improved web experience using Opera web browser. And with Windows OS, it cater to a wider group of users.

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