Comparing Lucky Minutes and Golden Lotus Calling Cards

February 8, 2010 on 2:21 pm | In Calling cards | 4 Comments

Lucky Minutes phone card and Golden Lotus overseas calling card are two of the top rated calling cards. They offer great deals at competitive prices and bundle together a number of attractive features. This brings up an interesting question. What are the pros and cons of each card?
lucky minutesgolden lotus
When comparing these two cards, it should be noted that there are a number of similar features. They both offer the same rounding time, toll free access and unlimited validity period. So far neither seems to have the upper hand.

Both cards also cut costs in different ways. For instance, while Lucky Minutes has lower maintenance charges and more local access numbers than the other card, they do charge a connection fee. On the other hand, not only does the Golden Lotus do away with connection charges, they also charge less as surplus charges.

Lucky’s additional feature, a feature that is lacking from Golden Lotus, obviously targets the frequent flyer. This said feature is the permanent pin option which is most travelers’ fabvored means of calling home.

HTC Google Nexus One

January 30, 2010 on 9:31 am | In Cell phones | 7 Comments

Google is known to be a giant killer – from battling Microsoft in the search domain and Yahoo in the email markets. Google’s latest target seems to be the much envied iPhone from Apple. It has been a long wait for the iPhone killer from Google which has been a hot topic for discussion for technocrats all over the world. Finally it’s here – The HTC Google Nexus One.
htc google nexus one
At first look, the HTC Google Nexus One is pretty similar to the latest full touch screen phones on offer today. The touch interface and the way the entire screen is planned reminds one of the iPhone at first sight, but apart from looks, Google have managed to up the bar on many other features.

The first point worth mention is the 1 Ghz Snapdragon CPU, which makes it twice as fast as any other smartphone out there. However, only time can tell, if the battery technology existing today, is capable of handling such processors. The Android OS is excellent with its multi-tasking, “never close an app” approach, just perfect for phones of this kind. The 4 GB memory is a tad lower compared to the iPhone, but the SD card expandable slot with support up to 32 GB is a wonderful add-on, especially considering the falling prices of these cards.

The camera on the HTC Google Nexus One is 5 MP, auto-focus with LED flash and a very decent lens.
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AT&T Communication Service Provider

January 17, 2010 on 12:50 pm | In Telecommunication services | 2 Comments

From all the communication service providers in the US, AT&T is one of the most popular ones in recent years. As a matter of fact, their clientele figures boast more than 100 million customers with 77 million subscribing for just the wireless option.
AT&T’s popularity can be attributed to their numerous user-friendly services. There is a major focus on customer satisfaction as is evident from their attention to caller needs. And so, they provide useful caller bundles that cater to various types of users.

AT&T is also renowned for offering quality services at affordable rates. And thus, the cheaper bundles, be it internet or voice communication, are always cost effective and tailor-made for a low-end user.

This well-known service provider is a major player in the wireless service provider industry as well. They are renowned as a leader in the field, well ahead of their peers. And so, it is not surprising that AT&T are one of the only companies that sells Apple’s iPhone!
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Best Calling Cards of 2009

January 8, 2010 on 2:31 pm | In Calling cards | 7 Comments

The year 2009 witnessed the Telecom companies striving hard to make global communication a cake walk for customers around the world. The advent of calling cards have contributed a lot in this mission. One can stay connected with friends, relatives and business partners internationally with great ease and relatively low cost. With the New Year’s resolutions still in pursuit, let’s sneak into the last year and have a look at the best calling cards of 2009.

Jupiter calling cards
JupiterJupiter calling card is perhaps the best bet for international travelers who feel the need to make long distance calls. It’s a Permanent Pin calling card which comes along with a refill feature and PIN Free access option. The best part is that the rates are very economical and there is no expiry date. Jupiter phone card allows long distance calls from Canada and USA to several countries.
One simply needs to sign up with the respective provider and register your phone number with them. Once registered, your phone number will be recognized immediately after you dial the Access code.
You don’t have to worry about any hidden charges, nor do you have to remember the unimaginable difficult PIN.
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SMS Refill Service

December 28, 2009 on 2:09 pm | In Telecommunication services | 1 Comment

SMS Refill Service is one of those features that travelers love and talk about. This is the perfect solution for finding airtime when you are on the go.

How is this service useful? One of the biggest hassles about calling abroad is trying to make that urgent call at the oddest hours. Can pay with your credit card? If not, do you actually have cash on hand? What if you are on a business trip and need to make an urgent call from the station?

All these problems are solved by the SMS refill service. The only requirement is registering your cell phone with the provider. From then on, every time you need to make a call, simply send an SMS and amount number. This provides you with airtime worth that amount.

This service is especially useful for students who might find themselves sans cash whilst traveling home for the holidays. Of course, it is also an attractive option for business travels. With this service, you don’t have to worry about running out of airtime at the worst possible times.

Phone cards: Best Christmas Gift

December 17, 2009 on 3:47 pm | In Calling cards | 6 Comments

With the encroaching Christmas holidays, we all know that it’s the time of the year when we are subjected with the challenging task of preparing a gift list. More than often, we find ourselves in a bewildered state of mind, trying to figure out a suitable gift, which is unique, affordable and likeable. After all, it’s a season of sharing and giving, and we certainly do not want to miss an opportunity to gift something special to those who have positively impacted our lives. gift phone card
The act of sharing does not necessarily imply that you end up with a huge pile of bills. Despite having a small budget, you can lay your hands on a gift which is presentable and likeable.
Remember, it’s not always true that the best gifts are the most popular ones. Most individuals prefer something beyond flowers, greeting cards or toys. Your best bet would be to choose a gift which can used by individuals of all taste, and which is not an ordinary choice.

Phone card is the perfect solution if you are looking for an unique and presentable gift. Unlike the traditional gift items like flowers and greeting cards, phone cards can be used in a resourceful manner by the recipient. In a way, your gift would mean some savings for the recipient, considering the fact that most people often spend money to purchase phone cards. Christmas is a season of spending, and any kind of savings would be hugely appreciated by the thankful recipient.
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RIM Blackberry Storm

December 12, 2009 on 2:02 pm | In Cell phones | 4 Comments

Blackberry Storm is Research in Motion (or RIM)’s answer to the touchscreen phenomenon. While it may not offer the attractive set of features synonymous with Apple’s iPhone, it still boasts a considerable list of add-ons that marks its place as a strong competitor in the field.
blackberry storm
What are the noteworthy features of the Storm? Well, how does an accelerometer and smooth touch screen navigation sound? There is a wide range of applications and softwares that cater specifically to these two types of technology and thus, this ensures that the Storm keeps up with its peers.

Other attractive features of the Storm include excellent PDA support (email, task management, etc.), multimedia functionality (think games, video watching and music playing features) and fast internet connectivity features.
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Games for Nokia 5800 XM. Part II.

November 29, 2009 on 9:09 am | In Cell phones | 8 Comments

When I wrote the first post about games for the Nokia 5800 was not enough games adapted to the sensor. Today when there are many games developed and adapted for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (S60 5th edition) I want to present my favorite games for this smartphone. Remember, all these games can easy kill all your free time, so be careful ;)

Marble Maze 1.8
Language: English
Status: Trial
Developer: Cahoona Games
marble maze
Marble Maze 1.8 is a labyrinth game where you need to handle the ball to the goal by tilting the device in your hands. This game using accelerometer and fully adapted to the touchsreen. Marble Maze 1.8 contain 40 variety levels, and three different balls: metal, rubber, and pingpong balls. I can’t stop while not pass through all levels.
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PC to Phone VoIP Service

November 21, 2009 on 1:28 pm | In Telecommunication services | 4 Comments

PC to Phone VoIP is an innovative modern technology that enables voice communication via the Internet. PC to Phone simply means that you will be using a computer software connected to the Internet in order to call a landline/cell number.
This type of VoIP has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is one of the cheapest ways to call international numbers. For travelers and long stay visitors this can help cut costs where phone bills are concerend.

Secondly, it provides more freedom for users, doing away with the hassles of traditional lines. With this service all you really need is connection to the internet. Compare this to the age old ways of finding a landline that can dial international numbers.

Thirdly, VoIP services such as this boasts better, clearer connection. Static, noise distortions and call dropping are common problems faced by users of landlines and such hassles will be greatly diminished by the VoIP service.

Comparing Jupiter and Global Talk

November 7, 2009 on 7:47 am | In Calling cards | 3 Comments

Jupiter and Global Talk are two popular calling cards that offer competitive rates and attractive features. They are a step ahead of their peers and given top ratings by most users. While they can hold their own amongst other calling cards, how do they fare when compared to each other?
Jupiter calling cardsGlobal talk
To begin with, both cards boast the same options which ensure high ratings amongst consumers. These features include major cost cutting options like no connection and maintenance fees as well as a low rounding time.

There are a few extra features that give a slight edge to Jupiter calling card though. For one thing, they offer an unlimited validity period which can appeal to long stay visitors. They also offer permanent pin and refill option which caters to frequent flyers.
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