Benefits of Calling Cards

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The world is becoming a smaller place; people travel longer distances for work, young ones are moving abroad for further studies and improved transport systems has spurred the growth of travel and tourism. What is the biggest worry for all these people? Finding an effective method of voice communication with loved ones, of course.
Travel Card
How was this normally achieved? Traditional voice communication means like landlines can result in expensive monthly bills and troublesome paperwork. At that rate, frequent communication might not be possible.

This is where calling cards come into play. Boasting fast, effective communication at low rates, calling cards are a frequent flyer’s best friend.

Firstly you no longer have to look for long-distance enabled landlines. With calling cards, all you need is to sign up and log onto the service via a simple access code. It works anywhere, at anytime.
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Coupon Code for Purchasing Phone Cards with 10% Off

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Due to celebrating Swatantrata Divas (India’s Independence Day) we offering 10% discount to all Phone cards. For buying cards with 10% off just choose any phone cards with amount over $10 and use Coupon code: #INDIA09. Hurry, this offer is available until Aug 20th.

How to Find Reverse Phone Number?

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I receive many comments to my post about Reverse Phone Number Lookup and want to offer other on-line service for finding helpful information.

Each of us from time to time get the unknown phone calls from unpublished numbers. I think that you may be very interested in knowing whom that numbers belong to?

You probably heard about about Reverse Phone Directories or as reverse phone services or searches that can allow you lookup various data about the people or companies behind the unlisted phone #. It is a very simple, fast and quite easy, but only if using reliance reverse phone directory with complete and correct databases.

You need only type a phone number and you will be able yo find the address, name, and sometimes if available, account history of the number owner. In no time you are provided with needed information on your computer. Sounds very attractive, does not?
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Call from Israel

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I want to go to Israel on Dead Sea with my family from May,16 to 31 and may not be able to writing at this time new posts.

What calling cards I want to take?

Golden LotusRead phone card details | blog post

Jupiter calling cardSee detailsread blog post about Jupiter or check calling cards rating

When I get back will tell you what phone card is better for calling from Israel.

Best regards, Serg

Africa phone card

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Africa phone card provided by NTC telecommunication carriers. This card present the best calling rates from the USA, Canada and Europe to many African countries. Africa telephone card offering extremely cheap overseas and domestic calling rates with crystal quality of connection, Toll free access numbers in the USA and Toll Free&Local Access numbers in Canada make it both economical and user friendly.

africa phone card
Africa international phone cards not have connection fees, maintenance fee is only $0,69 in week, rounding time 3 min. Service Taxes & Surcharges 15%, pay phone charge $0,99. Available promt languages for this card – English, Spanish and French.

For using Africa card from Canada or Europe, please check Local Access Number for your area and not forget check with your local phone company that your Local Access Number will free of charge for you. Full dialing instruction and rates for Africa calling card you can see on detail page.

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Skype on Sony PSP

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This is not a news but I find out about only today from CNN - Sony PSP console supports Skype.  If you owner of Sony PSP Slim you could make VoIP calls with Skype to PC, SkypePhone or other PSP. You only need to upgrade your console system software to  3.90 version.
Sony promises that PSP owners activated new service can call and meeting for free to 276 meters other Skype users and see online friend available to talk. Also they can make cheap phone calls to cellphones and landlines with PSP через SkypeOut if you have a Skype credit.

I like Skype and this great offer but Sony goes by one way – continue to increase multimedia ability of PSP and PS3 devices and instead of game console you receive MultiMedia center. May be is not bad and for one time paying money you can see video, listen music, make free phone calls, but if game console not get good gameplay it’s sucks.

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FBI forgot to pay their phone bill

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Telecommunications company cut off FBI wiretaps used to eavesdrop on suspected criminals and terrorist because of the bureau’s repeated failures to pay phone bills on time.

A Justice Department audit released Thursday guilt lost connections on the FBI lax oversight of the money in the undercover investigations. In one office alone, unpaid costs for the wiretaps from a telephone company, a total of 66000 dollars.

“We also found that late payments have resulted in telecommunications carriers actually disconnecting phone lines established to deliver surveillance results to the FBI, resulting in lost evidence,” according to the audit by Inspector General Glenn A. Fine.

More than half of the 990 bills to pay for the monitoring of telecommunications in five unknown FBI field offices were not paid on time, the report shows.

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3 skype phone video

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Yesterday I write about new handset 3 skype phone offering you free mobile-to-mobile calling using Skype service. Today I want present video this device that will available on 2 Nov ‘07.

Calling Cards Rates Drop

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A 11 year old calling card company that is selling a phone card every 4 seconds in the US alone,, has announced a release of a “must have” online prepaid phone card that is more than three times cheaper, than other well-known brands. The card is designed to save 66% of the money for foreign workers, international students, travelers and those in the military, when calling to or from the US, India, Canada and China.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 17, 2007 — Having one’s family abroad and not being able to talk to them often must be frustrating. However, that’s how most foreign workers, international students, travelers and those in the military feel. Knowing how it is important to stay in touch with the family, released the Lucky Minutes online phone card that is three times cheaper, than others.

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Affiliate program

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If you have a website and want earn some money – affiliate programs best way for you. Now there are many affiliate programs but we offering you join to telecommunication companies and buy online phone cards for international and domestic calling, cell phones, calling plans, voip and other telecom solutions.

There are three way of affiliate marketing:
1. Text link ads main provider is Google AdSense you receive money when users click on ads.
2. Referral program – you receive money if people purchase any thing or service from your site
3. Own shop – create your own shop on your domain with different site templates and export tools for customize shop

You can find affiliate program use search engines or join to special site as On DMNews blog posted great article about new tool for better affiliate linking with

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