Web Calls

May 4, 2008 on 2:26 pm | In Telecommunication services | 5 Comments

Last century has witnessed various innovations which simplified human life. Especially the last quarter of the century primarily was dedicated to innovations in the communications field. The internet revolution completely changed the way the world stay in touch. It has incorporated the existing technologies and improved it substantially. On the lines of such innovation came Web Call.

The invention of telephone revolutionized the way the world communicated. Distances took a back seat and all the improvements happened keeping in mind the consumer preferences and comfort. Along came cell phones, calling cards etc which were not just better technologically but also were economical. Internet on its end increased the options even more.

With Web call service one can make long distance calls anywhere, at rock bottom prices! And all they need is an internet connection! No special hardware or software is required unlike Net 2 Phone wherein the users had to have headphones to communicate. With Web Call all one needs to do is enter the respective telephone numbers with country codes, and then just press call on the screen. You are directly connected to the destination mobile, and you talk over the phone and not your computer.

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VoIP calls

April 23, 2008 on 2:47 pm | In Telecommunication services | 2 Comments

The more advanced the world gets in terms of technology, the more people will gravitate towards things that simultaneously make their lives easy as well as things that are versatile. When it comes to communications, not much is easier or more versatile than our modern day ability to make a web call.

Calling over the internet, or web, popularly referred to as voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is so easy and best of all its one of the cheapest ways to make a phone call. As expected, most of the major phone companies are against the idea of calling over the internet. A call placed online avoids their long distance network and removes itself from their grid, meaning they cannot charge money for the placement of the call. Of course the phone companies are against anything that makes placement of a phone call without going through them because of this loss of income, it should come as no surprise then that most of the negative information you may hear regarding VoIP comes directly from the phone companies or agencies hired by them.

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March 21, 2008 on 2:25 pm | In Telecommunication services | 1 Comment

AT&T (which was formally Cingular wireless) is now the biggest cellphone service provider in the world, with well over 62 billion subscribers. AT&T offers one of the largest, and widespread network available today. ATT, originally formed in 2001 as Cingular wireless, changed its name over to AT&T to reflect on its parent company.

AT&T offers unlimited calling plan. They also offer a rollover plan which lets you roll
unused minutes over to the next month, which is a feature that most other carriers don’t let you do. You can also pay extra to have your night and weekend hours expaned.

AT&T also offers one of the best line of cell phones to go along with the service. They
were the very first to add the Motorola Razr and is the only provider for the Apple Iphone. Also they are claim to the largest BlackBerry service of any other company out there. They also carry the most Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones. They also offer Samsung and LG in there line.

AT&T also released a study to prove that it had the fewest dropped calles of any cellphone carrier.

Pinless calling cards

March 5, 2008 on 5:18 pm | In Calling cards, Telecommunication services | 2 Comments

Pinless implies making phone calls without the need to dial the pin. Pinless dialing means that the user can place long distance calls without the need to dial the pin. This becomes possible as the phone numbers are registered at the time of purchase. Many pinless calling cards can be recharged online for convenience. The pinless calling cards have a calling card guarantee.

To find the best rate to call any destination from any place, there is a rate finder available online. It is essential to select the country from where the call is being made and the country to which it is being made. Now, it becomes possible to compare the best six cards for the selected destination. There is another option on the website called “View all rates.” Here, the rates for any card to any destination in the world can be found out.

Purchasing a pinless calling card is easy if done online. It is necessary to click on a featured card to know more about it. The rate finder can be used to compare the best rates. The cards can be selected and bought online. Instantaneously, the PIN will be sent by email. The card’s PIN less setup and dialing instructions are to be followed.

Unlimited calling plans from Sprint

February 29, 2008 on 5:07 pm | In Telecommunication services | 3 Comments

One of major wireless carriers Sprint Nextel in the footprint of Verizon and AT&T wireless introducing unlimited calling plan. Company is hope that this step help lure more subscribers. Remind that Sprint in the last quarter lost more than $29.5 billion after down value of Nextel Communication acquiring and very needed in bringing to new customers.


Sprint offering two unlimited calling plans for 99.99 as AT&T wireless and Verizon wireless and for 89.99 per month. With $99.99 plan customers get unlimited phone calls, unlimited data, e-mail and web surfing. As opposed to AT&T and Verizon Sprint Netxtel not charge extra for internet surfing. $89.99 plan include unlimited voice and text messaging, this price low than offers of main competitor of Sprint and can help company lure more customers and keeping existing.

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VoIP overview

February 11, 2008 on 4:44 pm | In Telecommunication services | 4 Comments

Voice over IP has been there for quite sometime. But why is the sudden boom? We have battered the Web for capable and informed resources to piece together a complete picture presented in this guide. I shall present my views and the points of some experts.

Let me start with a short overview of what VOIP is all about and the users, its benefits and challenges confronting the use of VOIP along with the biggies in the VOIP sector.

For a company, Voice over IP goods include Internet Call Centers, IP Gateways, Unified Messaging, IP Gate Keepers Conferencing, IP Phones, IP PBX and many more applications and solutions.

Conventionally high-quality voice transmission between two or more parties phone calls are carried through Public Switched Telephone Networks. Where as data such as web browsing, email etc. are carried through packet-based data networks like ATM, IP and Frame Relay. In the past few years, there has been a drastic and rapid change towards using data networks to carry both the telephone calls and the data. It is called convergence of data and voice networks.

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UTStarcom UM150 PC/Mac USB Broadband Card review

January 31, 2008 on 2:27 pm | In Telecommunication services | 3 Comments

UTStarcom UM150 PC/Mac USB Broadband Card for Alltel’s Wireless Network only is the latest convenient and flexible data card for using on computer with PC or Mac USB 2.0 ports.

USB broaband card

 This is a very simple to use, slim, small device 3.6 x 1.5 x 0.7 inches, weight 0.8 oz in black color with LED status indicator. This gadjet compatible with all computers having USB port. UM150 allow you get surfing in Internet, check e-mail, access to corporate networks with download speed reach 2.4 Mbps and upload speed of up to 153 Kbps.

Box with broadband card include User’s guide, Y-cable, Connections software and CD with MacOS, XP, Vista and Windows 2000 drivers for fast installation, built-in microSD memory slot holds for 4GB+ cards (cards sold seperately). UTStarcom UM150 compatible with – CDMA 800, 850, 1800, 1900 networks and support 3G data speed. For working this device use power coming from USB port and not need additional sources.

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YouTube on cellphone

January 24, 2008 on 1:59 pm | In Telecommunication services | 4 Comments

Unit of Google, YouTube.com is expanding its mobile service. Now you can see any video clips from its site on your cellphones if it capable of using high speed wireless connections from 3G operators. YouTube’s website already serves up more than 200 000 000 video clips today and anybody can sharing video with this online service.

“It’s basically the full YouTube experience you can get on the desktop — on the phone,” said Dwipal Desia, YouTube’s mobile product manager. “We expect it to get fairly popular from our past experiences.”

Desai said also that company is testing application that will make it easier for cellphone users to upload their video clips from handsets onto YouTube, that can allow for far use of video to document people’s lives much more.

YouTube will providing mobile access to many of features that available on its Internet site. The additional features for cell phones including ability to rate video clips and share video with friends.

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Reverse phone number search

January 16, 2008 on 5:05 pm | In Telecommunication services | 8 Comments

Most people want to discover who called them when see unlisted phone number. Or you seen stranger number on your teenager, husband or wife cellphone? You have only phone number but not name or other information and your mobile device’s caller ID service wasn’t detect who is being called.

In this case, for reverse phone search you may call by this number but on other end of line you may not get information about  person who called and more they can be traced back to you! So we not recommended this way

Phone book won’t help in reverse lookup of phone number if this is unlisted. You can try find unlisted number in phone company but if you not have a good friends there you will not help without official documents.

We want to advise use internet for reverse cell phone number search. Try use any search engine for find information about unlisted numbers – just type phone number view results of search, enter variety combinations – (xxx) yyy-zzzz, xxx-yyy-zzzz, xxxyyyzzzz. The disadvantage of this method is that it can take a long time and you may not find need numbers. 

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Recycle Your CellPhone

January 9, 2008 on 2:31 pm | In Cell phones, Telecommunication services | 4 Comments

In recent years telecommunication industry experience strong growth all over the world. Every month telecom company released new models of mobile handsets and many people change cellphones several times a year. Therefore, the campaign for recycling used cellphones launching by CTIA is very important for educational purposes that would increase of mobile devices recycling and thus help protect the environment.

CTIA – the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry, representing carriers, manufacturers and wireless Internet providers commended U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and partnering companies for launching a new education campaign, “Recycle Your CellPhone. It’s An Easy Call.” This campaign aims to increase public awareness of cellphone recycling and donation opportunities, with the ultimate goal of increasing the nation’s cellphones recycling rate.

“Maintaining a successful national, consumer-friendly wireless recycling program has been a longstanding priority for the wireless industry,” said CTIA-The Wireless Association President and CEO, Steve Largent. “Any additional effort to raise public awareness and spotlight the important issue of wireless recycling is a good thing in my book. We welcome the new campaign and look forward to working with the EPA and partnering companies as we continue to spread the message about how easy it is to recycle cell phones”

The wireless industry launched a comprehensive, nationwide recycling campaign called “Wireless…The New Recyclable,” in 2003. The public outreach and awareness campaign provides wireless consumers with information about the importance of recycling wireless devices. The campaign has also focused on alerting consumers about how they can recycle their used devices. The centerpiece of the campaign has been the establishment of in-store phone take-back programs across the country that allow consumers to bring their used wireless devices and related accessories to carrier and other retail outlets for recycling.

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