Advantages of VoIP Service

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VoIP is an abbreviation of the phrase “Voice over Internet Protocol”. VoIP is not about a single process. Rather, it refers to an entire set of modern communication processes. Basically, it covers all means of voice communication via the Internet.
VoIP has become increasingly popular due to its many benefits. For one thing, it assures a fast and effective means of reaching people in other countries. After all, all that is required is an internet connection, a PC and application to provide VoIP access.

Plus, it is now possible to find VoIP phones which offer quality connections via the IP network. With these phones, you can access VoIP services even without a computer.

Another fringe benefit of VoIP is that most applications also provide a video conference option. This means that international callers will be able to view their friends and family on the other side while talking to them.

SMS call service

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SMS Call is a communication technique which enables your text messaging service to make a call. It is an efficient and easy way to call a wide range of locations all around the world.
sms call
How does SMS callback work? It’s simple. First, users have to sign up and register their numbers with the service provider. This initial registration paves way for easier access later on. Then users can access their accounts via an sms. All they have to do is send an SMS stating the number to be dialed and just wait briefly for the connection.

Sms call is the next step in voice communication. Why? This service offers lower rates compared to calls through landlines. It does away with the hassle of remembering dialing codes. Of course, the use of internet enables a wider reach across the world which certainly adds to its appeal. Plus, it also empowers users. And so, With the touch of a button, you can connect to anyone, anywhere in the world.


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Verizon is a major telecommunications company based in the USA. It is one of the most popular providers today, offering landline services along with other options like high-speed internet, wireless connectivity and numerous video channels.
verizon wireless
Where voice communication is concerned, Verizon’s phone services are well-liked by many users. The company boasts excellent connection quality as well as competitive call rates. As it is, their calling cards are sought-after by many travelers. Verizon also has the upper hand where telecommunication services are concerned since they have such an extensive calling network within the country.
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Speed Dial Feature

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What’s the biggest hassle when making long distance calls to friends, family and colleagues? Keeping track of their phone numbers, of course!

If you happen to be a frequent traveler or are situated abroad for a long time, you probably have to make a lot of calls abroad. It might not be to another country; you might be located in another city and thus, make regular long distance calls.

In such cases, it can be troublesome to remember everyone’s phone number. This will of course be numbers that you call often and need to remember quickly.

So what’s the solution? The Speed Dial feature! Most calling cards favored by travelers now offer this attractive option. Rather than fret and worry about dialing the wrong number, all you have to do is register and save up to 9 numbers on speed dial. With this feature, calling home is just three keys away!

AT&T Communication Service Provider

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From all the communication service providers in the US, AT&T is one of the most popular ones in recent years. As a matter of fact, their clientele figures boast more than 100 million customers with 77 million subscribing for just the wireless option.
AT&T’s popularity can be attributed to their numerous user-friendly services. There is a major focus on customer satisfaction as is evident from their attention to caller needs. And so, they provide useful caller bundles that cater to various types of users.

AT&T is also renowned for offering quality services at affordable rates. And thus, the cheaper bundles, be it internet or voice communication, are always cost effective and tailor-made for a low-end user.

This well-known service provider is a major player in the wireless service provider industry as well. They are renowned as a leader in the field, well ahead of their peers. And so, it is not surprising that AT&T are one of the only companies that sells Apple’s iPhone!
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SMS Refill Service

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SMS Refill Service is one of those features that travelers love and talk about. This is the perfect solution for finding airtime when you are on the go.

How is this service useful? One of the biggest hassles about calling abroad is trying to make that urgent call at the oddest hours. Can pay with your credit card? If not, do you actually have cash on hand? What if you are on a business trip and need to make an urgent call from the station?

All these problems are solved by the SMS refill service. The only requirement is registering your cell phone with the provider. From then on, every time you need to make a call, simply send an SMS and amount number. This provides you with airtime worth that amount.

This service is especially useful for students who might find themselves sans cash whilst traveling home for the holidays. Of course, it is also an attractive option for business travels. With this service, you don’t have to worry about running out of airtime at the worst possible times.

PC to Phone VoIP Service

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PC to Phone VoIP is an innovative modern technology that enables voice communication via the Internet. PC to Phone simply means that you will be using a computer software connected to the Internet in order to call a landline/cell number.
This type of VoIP has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is one of the cheapest ways to call international numbers. For travelers and long stay visitors this can help cut costs where phone bills are concerend.

Secondly, it provides more freedom for users, doing away with the hassles of traditional lines. With this service all you really need is connection to the internet. Compare this to the age old ways of finding a landline that can dial international numbers.

Thirdly, VoIP services such as this boasts better, clearer connection. Static, noise distortions and call dropping are common problems faced by users of landlines and such hassles will be greatly diminished by the VoIP service.

Personal Toll Free Number Redirection Service

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Personal toll free number redirection service is another brilliant innovation within the communication industry. Easy to use and efficient, this service is ideal for both personal and business use.

How does it work? All it requires is a simple registration procedure with the service provider. The purpose is to sign up your personal phone number as the dialing device. The service provider will then provide your with a personal access number that enables fast and efficient access to you.

Why would you use such a service? First of all, keep in mind that acquiring a redirection service of this type diverts all charges to you. Is this useful in anyway? As a matter of fact it is. Think of the ease with which family members, especially younger children can call you with this personal access number. Furthermore, if you own a business, your employees can reach you quickly, especially during hectic on-the-field ventures.

Permanent PIN feature

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What are the key features of efficient communication? Easy access, user-friendly options and secure connections. And those are three good ways to sum up the permanent pin feature offered by most modern calling cards.

Permanent PIN follows the same basic rule as having a personal identification number for, say, your bank account. And this is how it works for calling cards. You sign up for an account whereby you are given a pin number. After that, every time you want to make a call you simply have to refill in a certain amount to the pin number.

How is this any different or easier than making a long distance call from a land line? Well, to begin with, you don’t have to search for a line that has international calling enabled on it. To access the permanent pin, you simply have to log on and access your pin via the internet. And keep in mind that such access over the internet ensures cheaper calling rates with minimal extra costs.

Web Call

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Web call is the process of calling or voice communication using the Internet. Web call is one of the cutting-edge technologies that fall under VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

How does web call work? Typically, service providers offer a device that connects to your ethernet (the line providing internet). This in turn gives you access to VoIP technology where you can make talk directly to someone on the other end. With this service you could call a landline, a mobile line or even an communication-based application on a computer. It’s the same as using a telephone. The only difference is the use of the internet line.
web call
Why is webcall so popular? To begin with, this service offers quality voice communication that might not be possible through a landline. Secondly, costs for a webcall are much cheaper than for a direct call using the landline. Thirdly, users don’t have to fret about access codes and clearance for an international call. Thus, calling abroad is simplified when using webcall.

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