Sony Ericsson Vivaz Review

February 25, 2010 on 3:41 pm | In Cell phones | No Comments

Sony has been really a laggard for a while now. Sony Ericsson, which was once known to be the brand which brought novelty to the market, has been launching some really ordinary phones lately. The only phone worth mention in recent times has been the Satio. However, Sony definitely seems to up the pace with the new Sony Ericsson Vivaz.
sony ericsson vivaz
The Sony Ericsson Vivaz runs on the S 60 v5 platform, similar to the Satio. The main aim behind this phone seems to be sharing of high quality images and video with friends and family. This is pretty evident from the stunning 3.2 inch TFT touchscreen with a 360 x 640 resolution, supporting 16 million colors. The camera is a beauty with 8 MP, auto focus, smile and face detection technology. A powerful LED flash enables users to take crisp pictures even in dim light.

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz is a masterpiece with HD video recording at 1280 x 720 resolutions. It supports internet connectivity with download speeds upto 10.2 Mbps. Connectivity is decent with standard Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP and a mini-USB slot for connecting to a computer. With social networking a rage today, applications like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace come built-in for easy access.
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HTC Google Nexus One

January 30, 2010 on 9:31 am | In Cell phones | 7 Comments

Google is known to be a giant killer – from battling Microsoft in the search domain and Yahoo in the email markets. Google’s latest target seems to be the much envied iPhone from Apple. It has been a long wait for the iPhone killer from Google which has been a hot topic for discussion for technocrats all over the world. Finally it’s here – The HTC Google Nexus One.
htc google nexus one
At first look, the HTC Google Nexus One is pretty similar to the latest full touch screen phones on offer today. The touch interface and the way the entire screen is planned reminds one of the iPhone at first sight, but apart from looks, Google have managed to up the bar on many other features.

The first point worth mention is the 1 Ghz Snapdragon CPU, which makes it twice as fast as any other smartphone out there. However, only time can tell, if the battery technology existing today, is capable of handling such processors. The Android OS is excellent with its multi-tasking, “never close an app” approach, just perfect for phones of this kind. The 4 GB memory is a tad lower compared to the iPhone, but the SD card expandable slot with support up to 32 GB is a wonderful add-on, especially considering the falling prices of these cards.

The camera on the HTC Google Nexus One is 5 MP, auto-focus with LED flash and a very decent lens.
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RIM Blackberry Storm

December 12, 2009 on 2:02 pm | In Cell phones | 4 Comments

Blackberry Storm is Research in Motion (or RIM)’s answer to the touchscreen phenomenon. While it may not offer the attractive set of features synonymous with Apple’s iPhone, it still boasts a considerable list of add-ons that marks its place as a strong competitor in the field.
blackberry storm
What are the noteworthy features of the Storm? Well, how does an accelerometer and smooth touch screen navigation sound? There is a wide range of applications and softwares that cater specifically to these two types of technology and thus, this ensures that the Storm keeps up with its peers.

Other attractive features of the Storm include excellent PDA support (email, task management, etc.), multimedia functionality (think games, video watching and music playing features) and fast internet connectivity features.
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Games for Nokia 5800 XM. Part II.

November 29, 2009 on 9:09 am | In Cell phones | 8 Comments

When I wrote the first post about games for the Nokia 5800 was not enough games adapted to the sensor. Today when there are many games developed and adapted for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (S60 5th edition) I want to present my favorite games for this smartphone. Remember, all these games can easy kill all your free time, so be careful ;)

Marble Maze 1.8
Language: English
Status: Trial
Developer: Cahoona Games
marble maze
Marble Maze 1.8 is a labyrinth game where you need to handle the ball to the goal by tilting the device in your hands. This game using accelerometer and fully adapted to the touchsreen. Marble Maze 1.8 contain 40 variety levels, and three different balls: metal, rubber, and pingpong balls. I can’t stop while not pass through all levels.
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T-Mobile Calling Plans

October 27, 2009 on 4:14 pm | In Cell phones | No Comments

T-Mobile is one of the big names in the communications industry today. They are cited as one of the largest mobile service providers in the world. And that’s not all. They also rank highly as having one of the largest wireless communication networks.
T-Mobile deserves this status for a number of reasons. They are renowned for their moderate calling rates that suit travelers and students alike. Furthermore, they also offer attractive calling plans and bundles that cater to every user group.

And just what is so appealing about T-mobile deals? Well, firstly, their calling plans are tailored to fit the needs of a wide variety of users. Whether it is a businessman, a tourist or student, they offer something for everyone. Another attractive feature is their competitive rates. Thus, their internet usage rates, calling rates and surplus charges are lower than most of their competitors.
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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

October 17, 2009 on 8:13 am | In Cell phones | 1 Comment

Sony Ercisson Xperia X1 is another eagerly awaited smartphone to hit the market recently. Boasting attractive features, it certainly serves as a viable competitor to other favored phones.

The Xperia has been talked about for its beautiful design. The sleek contours and smooth sliding keyboard definitely contributes to this view.
sony xperia
The smartphone also offers the vital PDA applications like organiser, task management applications and a calendar. To this effect, the Xperia appeals to all age groups where it is also well-liked as a user-friendly smartphone.

Other noteworthy features include the multimedia functionality, 3 MP camera and excellent web connectivity options. There are various media players that enhance the music listening experience which will appeal to young users. The camera offers little bonus options like auto focus and LED flash.
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LG Incite Review

August 23, 2009 on 2:58 pm | In Cell phones | 1 Comment

LG Incite (CT 810) is another smartphone that is making waves this year. Boasting in-demand multimedia features and the latest hi-tech additions like the touchscreen capability, the cell phone certainly caters to a wide user group.

Where basic features are concerned, the phone offers vital applications like web browsing, task management and note taking.
LG Incite
This enables all users to utilitze this phone for both work and personal usage. To this effect, some of the applications available on the LG Incite include Microsoft ActiveSync and Office Mobile.

The LG Incite also provides excellent internet connectivity options. With both Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity, it appeals to both business-minded people as well as younger users. Extra features like integrated music player and other multimedia options like games and access to MEdia Mall are also worth mentioning.

Other attractions of the phone include a top quality camera phone (3 mega-pixel).

Samsung Omnia

July 29, 2009 on 3:07 pm | In Cell phones | 1 Comment

Samsung Omnia is one of the highest rated cellphones this year. It is a sleek mobile device that incorporates touchscreen capability as well as offering numerous other innovative features.
Given the popularity of touchscreen technology, it is small wonder that this release has become big news. One of the biggest attractions of the Omnia is the packaging of in-demand features alongside competitive prices. In fact it would be fair to note that the Omnia boasts lower prices than the primary competitors.

There are other noteworthy features of the Omnia. For instance, the slim design and lightweight caters to a younger on-the-go audience. The 5 megapixel camera offers top quality photography, keeping the phone in step with major competitors. And of course, there are other appealing factors like significantly improved web experience using Opera web browser. And with Windows OS, it cater to a wider group of users.

Nokia N97—What’s All The Fuss About?

July 9, 2009 on 3:19 pm | In Cell phones | 6 Comments

Many gadget enthusiasts have been waiting patiently for the new Nokia N97 to finally make its appearance on store shelves. However, if you’re not a “Gadget Geek”, then you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about with a new cell phone; I mean it’s just a phone, right? If that is what you are thinking, then read on and you will see what all the excitement is about!nokia n97 The Nokia N97 is built upon the previously released Nokia 5800 series phone that has been widely renowned by critics. Some parts of the N97 have remained unchanged from the 5800 series phone, such as the camera. Fortunately for N97 enthusiasts, the Nokia 5800 was already packing one of the leading cell phone cameras on the market, so this new phone doesn’t lose much in that area! You can even use the built in camera as a web cam which Nokia knows you internet junkies will love.

The slider portion of the phone is a great improvement over the 5800, as the slider can tilt to a 35 degree angle. The Nokia N97 is one of the first phones on the market that offers this, and all of you “texters” and web surfers will enjoy that added design! Additionally, the plastic housing for the touchscreen isn’t recessed, so it’s much easier to use your fingers instead of a stylus. The unit is rugged too! In fact, even though the whole unit is made completely of velvet plastic, it feels just as sturdy as if it were made of metal, and the slider screen doesn’t wiggle or sway even after multiple closings and openings.

The one major improvement to this model is what it is capable of doing as soon as you unpack it. All of those features on the 5800 that took multiple separate downloads, set-ups and configurations, come pre-installed and ready to go with the N97. The N97 also is capable of running multiple widgets, which trendy Web 2.0 internet users will find very inviting.
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Nokia N96

June 15, 2009 on 2:32 pm | In Cell phones | 3 Comments

Nokia N96 is another top rated mobile device. Boasting a sharp display screen, wide internet connectivity features and a variety of multimedia-friendly options, this device is likely to remain in-demand for a while.

One of the most talked about features of the N96 is its beautiful exterior. Consider, for instance, the gently rounded edges, sleek build and smooth-sliding mechanism. It is no wonder that this is starting to be a consumer favorite.
Another appealing aspect of the N96 is the numerous connectivity options. Like its predecessor, N96 boasts HSDPA, Wi-Fi and GPS and thus, enables users more access to communication facilities.
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