February 2008 best calling cards rating

March 3, 2008 on 3:48 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

I glad to present list of best calling cards in February’ 08. By our rating in first place Jupiter phone cards. Jupiter offering best calling rates with high quality of connection, we also wrote about this awesome calling card many times and you can find details on Jupiter info page or in our overview of this phone card.

Second place took Simply phone card provided by NW-IP carrier. Simply is Permanent PIN calling cards, offering refill operations and PIN free access option – with PIN free access your phone number will recognize  automatically after dialing access number, it’s allow you not enter PIN number every time. Simply telephone card have cheapest long-distance calling rates to many country – Australia, Israel, Italy, Mexico and many others. Toll-free number with Simply accesible from U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

In third place is Bizon calling card (service provider is NTC). Bizon international calling cards is Permanent PIN card with PIN free access and Refill feature too and without connection and maintenance fees. You can use this card for phone calls from the USA, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, UK and many other European countries. Now, you can buy Bizon telephone card with 10% off.

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Chopin calling card

February 26, 2008 on 3:02 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

The Chopin calling card offers crystal quality of connection and lowest overseas and domestic calling rates to multiple destinations. Chopin phone card provided by NTC telecom carriers and has Global Access numbers all over the world. You may use this telephone card to call from Canada, Spain, India, China, UK, Russia, Germany, Italy, Austria and many other counties and enjoy the lowest long-distance calling rates and high voice quality.

chopin calling card

This calling card has great features: No Connection and Maintenance Fees, Rounding – 1 second it’s help save your money if you dial wrong phone number. Chopin card provides Toll free access numbers and Local access numbers, no Tax. Payphone charge is 99c, validity period 3 months. Available next promt languages – English, Spanish and Russian.

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Africa phone card

February 14, 2008 on 4:47 pm | In Calling cards, Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Africa phone card provided by NTC telecommunication carriers. This card present the best calling rates from the USA, Canada and Europe to many African countries. Africa telephone card offering extremely cheap overseas and domestic calling rates with crystal quality of connection, Toll free access numbers in the USA and Toll Free&Local Access numbers in Canada make it both economical and user friendly.

africa phone card
Africa international phone cards not have connection fees, maintenance fee is only $0,69 in week, rounding time 3 min. Service Taxes & Surcharges 15%, pay phone charge $0,99. Available promt languages for this card – English, Spanish and French.

For using Africa card from Canada or Europe, please check Local Access Number for your area and not forget check with your local phone company that your Local Access Number will free of charge for you. Full dialing instruction and rates for Africa calling card you can see on detail page.

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January 2008 Calling Cards Rating

February 3, 2008 on 4:50 pm | In Calling cards | 6 Comments

We glad to offer you new rating of calling cards. This is very important telephone cards rating because it first in new 2008 year.

In the first place as we predicted when present last calling cards list of 2007 – Jupiter calling card. We will not talk much about this card it our permanent leader and we write more about Jupiter. Just remind that this refillable telephone card provided by by ECC carrier offer low calling rates to many countries with high connections quality

In the second place Saturn calling card (today is not rating of telephone cards but parade of planets :) ). Saturn is a refillable phone card with Permanent PIN option, and no expiration date! This calling card provide lowest long-distance calling rates from USA and Canada to many countries with high voice quality. Service provided by ECC to.

In third place Continental calling card from NW-IP provider. This is featured calling cards offering you many telecommunication solution as VoIP, Web callback, SMS refill and more other for convenient phone calls with low cost. We can’t write about all these services but you may find full description and instruction there – Telecom services.
In January’08 the best prepaid cards for mobile telephones was Cingular, AllTel and Boost-mobile.

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StarCall calling card

January 29, 2008 on 2:26 pm | In Calling cards | 7 Comments

StarCall is a calling card combines competitive international rates with crystal connection quality provided by NTC carrier. StarCall calling card allow you make phone calls all over the world with cheapest long distance rates to multiple destination places, especially for Bulgaria – CELL 14.9 ¢ – StarCall rates vs. 36 ¢ average rates, for Estonia – CELL 14.4 ¢ vs. 39 ¢ and continental USA 1 ¢ vs. average rate 3¢.

This reliable card offering Toll Free Access Numbers for USA. StarCall not have connection fee and maintenance fee only 69 ¢ in week and offering multi prompt languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, Bulgarian, Polish, Tagalog, Portuguese, Russian and Mandarin). Surcharges and service taxes is 20 percent, pay phones charge is 99 ¢.  Validity period for StarCall phone cards 90 days. Full dialing instruction and rates for StarCall you may find on calling card details page.

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Jupiter phone cards

January 15, 2008 on 3:33 pm | In Calling cards | 4 Comments

Jupiter is a best calling card by our rating. This card with Permanent PINs and Refill optionss. Jupiter offering PIN Free Access feature and haven’t expiration date. Jupiter phone cards provides inexpensive long distance calling rates from U.S.A. and Canada to many countries with crystal connection quality. Also you may get 10% discount on all your phone calls with Jupiter card during off-peak time: 9:00pm-7:00am est. All these features make phone calls with Jupiter is very convenient.

 jupiter phone card
When you buy Jupiter calling cards just you register your telephone number on our site.  Every time you call from a registered telephone your number is recognized automatically after dialing Access Number and you not need to enter a hard to remember PINs.

Jupiter calling cards haven’t maintenance & connection fees, pay phone charge is 85c, service taxes and surcharges is 10%, rounding time is only 1 minute. Toll Free Access and Local Access Numbers available in USA and Canada, but if you’ll calls from a cellphone applies 15с fee.

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The best calling cards of 2007

January 10, 2008 on 3:30 pm | In Calling cards | 8 Comments

As a result of our ratings we represent the best calling cards in 2007

  • First place – Jupiter
  • Second place – Continental
  • Third place – Royal Call

Jupiter phone card occupied first places by customers rating and level of sales throughout the 2007 year due to low calling rates and high voice quality. We hope that in next year Jupiter calling cards will offer the same ultimate service.

In the second place we put Continental calling card for huge of telecom services that this offer – VoIP, Web callback, Conference calling and etc. With Continental you can make international phone calls with many countries with inexpensive calling rates.

Royal Call phone card was ranked third. Royal Call is a new calling card announcemented in 2007 year and offering cheap rates for calls abroad from USA and Canada. Permanent PIN and refill feature make calls with RoyalCall easy.

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December 2007 Calling Cards Rating

January 6, 2008 on 1:42 pm | In Calling cards | 4 Comments

Sorry for the delay I had a problem with the internet connection.

In December’ 07 rating’s  change leader - the first place in this month took PennyBoss calling cards provided by NTC. PennyBoss received first place due to the high number of refill. This suggests that customers like this calling card, and they do not want to change it. Recall the basic features of PennyBoss phone cards – PIN free access & Permanent PIN with refill feature, Local and Toll Free Access numbers for USA.

In second place down Jupiter phone card. But I think in next month Jupiter return it popularity because this phone card offer cheap calling rates and high voice quality. Jupiter calling cards provided by ECC carriers is a Permanent PIN refillable card with  PIN Free Access feature without expiration date.

To third place returned Continental calling card from from NW-IP service provider. Continental calling card offering many telecommunication services as Web Call, Prepaid Conference Calls, SMS refill and other. Description of all these services and full dialing instructions are available at Continetal calling cards details page.

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Calling cards in our lives

December 26, 2007 on 4:40 pm | In Calling cards | 3 Comments

Calling cards sometimes also known as telephone card has become a very common terminology in cellular world. Conventionally, calling card is smart cards which have some in build talk time embedded in them. Call tariffs varies according to the mobile operators.

Functionality of calling card is very simple. Each phone card has a unique digits secret pin number. User have to enter this secret code before making a call. This system is implemented to check the integrity of the user (whether the valid owner of the card is using it or any unwanted intruders). After verifying the complete identity of the user, the call is connected successfully. Calling cards are normally disposable. We have to throw away the card after talk time is finished.

Calling cards are of different denominations with different facilities. Technology behind calling card is also very lucid. It uses remote stored value memory and remote memory for that. We can check our card’s balance easily by inserting it into a pay phone. It is similar as inserting ATM cards into the machine to verify the card’s balance. Optical memory is the latest platform nowadays used. Optical cards identify their name by checking holes and impression left on the cards. In the near days calling words will take over the postpaid systems.

Royal call phone cards

December 13, 2007 on 2:19 pm | In Calling cards | 4 Comments

Royal call is a rechargeable phone cards with Permanent PIN number without expiration date provided by ECC carrier. RoyalCall offering cheapest rates for long distance calling from Canada to many international destinations with crystal connection. Also RoyalCall phone cards may be used from the USA.

royal call 

For recharge Royall Call cards you need go to My Account menu, choose My Permanent PINs. There you can see reports about your phone calls, balance and if necessary add more funds.

Royal Call phone cards not have connection and maintenance fees, pay phone charge no in Canada but may be applied in USA, service taxes & surcharges 10%. Rounding time is 1 minute. Toll free access numbers with royalcall available for USA & Canada – 877-640-9039, prompt language for this calling card only english because it provides best rates from Canada and USA. Toll Free surcharges: Canada – East: + 4 c/min; Canada – Maritime: + 5 c/min; Canada – West: + 6 c/min and USA is + 8 c/min.

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