New Calling Card – Solaris

August 26, 2008 on 1:20 pm | In Calling cards | 5 Comments

Solaris is a premium calling cards from NTC service providers for making phone calls  from the USA and still multiple countries (97) to any destination in the world with lowest rates. Solaris phone card is an excellent choice for office, home or travels use.

solaris calling card

This card has no connection and maintenance fees. Solaris is a Permanent PIN phone cards with a handly Refill options and a PIN Free Access feature. Rounding time is one minute, Service taxes and surcharges – 17%, pay phone charge is 99c. Solaris calling card has Local access numbers and Toll free access numbers. Using Solaris is the best way to remain connected with your business, family and friends wherever you are. Validity period of this phonecard unlimited and you can use it any time.

Solaris offer cheapest rates for international calling from France, calling from Germany, calling from Spain, calling from Russia. Solaris bring the lowest rates from all these and still 93 destinations without any maintenance and connection fees!

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Prepaid calling cards

July 14, 2008 on 4:25 pm | In Calling cards | No Comments

 Alexander Graham Bell, when he spoke that sentence over the telephone, never would have imagined, how it would change the way the world communicates. Phones have become an integral part in our daily lives, both fixed lines as well as cell phones. The need to stay in touch at all times is what is driving the technology today. Prepaid calling cards are just a result of this need. Hence with increasing physical distance, people like to communicate and stay in touch with their dear ones; however at minimum expense incurred.

Prepaid calling cards have comes as a viable solution for all those budget conscious folks. They are convenient, flexible and offer budget friendly options. All one has to do is buy a prepaid calling card, and follow all the instructions that are given on the card, just dial the access number on the card, and the user is informed of the balance on the card, and then simply dial the desired number and tring tring you are chatting with your dear ones far away may be in a different country.

Yes, its that easy, no rocket science. And guess what it also tells your balance once you end your conversation, so you can keep a tab on your pocket. With competition increasing and more players flooding the market, it’s never been so good for the consumer. No more those long lines to get to pay phones, just pick up the phone dial the number and happy talking!

Bizon calling cards review

May 14, 2008 on 1:56 pm | In Calling cards | 1 Comment

Bizon is a refillable calling cards provided by NTC carrier with the Permanent PIN and PIN free access features. Also Bizon calling cards are no connection and maintenance fee and offering to you lowest calling rates to very many countries all around the world. Using Local Access and Toll Free Numbers in the USA and Canada and Local Access Numbers in Europe. Bizon can make communication in travels easier, you can refill Bizon at any time.

bizon phone card
As we said Bizon phone cards not have maintenance & connection fees, rounding time is 1 min. Toll Free Access Numbers available in the US and Canada, Local Access Numbers in USA, Canada and European countries. For this calling card apply  Service taxes and surcharges 15%, payphone charge is 99 ¢. Prompt language is English only. Bizon telephone cards will expires if no refill within 10 months.

For using PIN free access feature just register your phone number with bizon calling card and system automatically recognized it after you dial Access number. You no need remember long PIN number.

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April’2008 Best Calling Cards Rating

May 7, 2008 on 2:06 pm | In Calling cards | No Comments

Let’s see that new in April’08 best calling cards ratings. These cards was choosen by our customers. Especially they prefer to bought next three calling cards:

  1. Jupiter by ECC service provider
  2. Continental from NW-IP
  3. Saturn by ECC too

Jupiter phone card is a most popular cards in our online shop. Jupiter allow you  make low costs overseas and domestic phone calls, also this calling card provide crystal voice quality. With Jupiter calling card you no need to pay  maintenance or connection fees and we offering 10 percent discount for this telephone card.

Continental calling cards provides many convenient telecommunication features as Web callback, VoIP, SMS refill, Conference calls and etc. On our blog you can find many post about these telecom features and we will try present you more telecom news. I recommend use Continental for communication with friends and business partners by all over the world.

Saturn phone cards offering affordable international calling rates. This calling cards have a Permanent PIN and you may refill it in any time and always have phone connection. With Saturn calling card you may save your money by calling to local access numbers from cellphone.

From cellphone’s airtime calling cards most purchasing cards was Boost mobile.

Full rating of best buing calling cards in April’2008

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AT&T calling cards

April 30, 2008 on 4:15 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

AT&T calling cards provided by largest telecommunication carriers offering you the outstanding quality of connection. This calling card may be used for long-distance international calls from/to more than 100 foreign countries. Having AT&T card allow you always stay on connection with kind of quality & features you would expect.

att calling card

AT&T pre paid phone card doesn’t have connection & maintenance fees, service taxes & surcharges and never expires but can be charged for payphone calls. It have a minimal rounding time – one minute. With AT&T card you can use Toll Free access numbers but it not have Local Access Numbers because this cards is intended for use in multiple countries.  Prompt languages of AT&T calling card English and Spanish.

Overseas rates of AT&T telephone cards are subject to change. Please call to AT&T customers service for receive more information: 1-800-530-6744.

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Mariachi international phone cards

April 21, 2008 on 3:47 pm | In Calling cards | 1 Comment

Mariachi phone card is the best choice for calls from Mexico to USA and many other countries. This phone cards offering Local Access Numbers for next cities in Mexico: Mexico- City, Guadelajara, Monterey, Leon, Puebla, Teluca.

You’ll enjoy cheapest calling rates from Mexico to foreign  countries. Except calling from Mexico Mariachi phone card may be used for domestic calls and calling from United States to other countries with lowest rates to  Central American countries.

calling to mexico 

Mariachi calling cards not have a connection fee, maintenance fee is 89c per week, service fee may be apply depend of phone company. Pay phone charge is 99c in the USA and can apply in other countries, rounding time – 2 minutes. Mariachi have as  Toll Free Access Numbers as Local Access Numbers.  Validity period – 6 months from first use or refill, for prompt you can choose from next languages:  English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German.

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Best calling cards in March’08

April 16, 2008 on 2:59 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

Sorry for delay with calling cards rating in this month. But you will not see any surprises. First places occupy for our permanent leaders.

  1. Jupiter
  2. Simply
  3. Continental

Best calling cards for cellphones – Boost mobile airtime cards.

I won’t describe best calling cards of March’ 08 – you read about its in other our ratings and can find full information in the previous posts. Full dialing instruction you can see on detail page of every calling card.

I want to point to next cards:

All these phonecards provide reasonable international calling rates and crystal voice quality thereby gaining popularity among customers.

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Telephone cards

April 13, 2008 on 6:33 am | In Calling cards | 1 Comment

In today’s world, communication is necessary to keep both business and personal relationships running in good order. With travel becoming easier and lives becoming busier, keeping up with communications can sometimes be difficult. One of the easiest ways to insure constant and reliable communications ability is to always have a valid and active telephone card on your person.

Because of a busy lifestyle, the use of telephone cards is becoming more and more popular. Having a good source and knowing where to get them can make communication opportunities easier. Telephone cards are easy enough to purchase, you can even buy them online under a number of different circumstances. With the widespread use of telephone cards, the rates have become very competitive as well.

For the person who uses telephone cards often, you can also purchase reloadable cards that can be refilled with more credit or time at the buyer’s convenience. Doing this makes it easy to continue to have communication access at all times. When the time allowed for phone calls has run out, a simple call to the company that issued the card is all you need to do to purchase more minutes.

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Simply phone cards

March 12, 2008 on 4:12 pm | In Calling cards | 3 Comments

Simply phone cards provided by NW-IP telecom carrier is cards with Permanent PIN, Refillable features and PIN Free Access option. Toll Free Access numbers is available USA with Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto-Rico, and as well as Canada. You will enjoy cheap overseas calling rates to many countries with high quality of connection. Now choosing calling cards is very Simple.

Simply calling card not have connection fees – you will never pay for connection. Maintenance fee is 89c per week, rounding time is three minutes. Simply offering Toll-free and local access numbers for USA and Canada. Payphone charge 99 с, service taxes and surcharges 25%. Simply telephone card will expires if no recharge within 10 months.

simply calling card 

Access numbers for Simply Pemanent PIN card:
From USA, Canada and Puerto Rico: 1-800-243-4929

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Pinless calling cards

March 5, 2008 on 5:18 pm | In Calling cards, Telecommunication services | 2 Comments

Pinless implies making phone calls without the need to dial the pin. Pinless dialing means that the user can place long distance calls without the need to dial the pin. This becomes possible as the phone numbers are registered at the time of purchase. Many pinless calling cards can be recharged online for convenience. The pinless calling cards have a calling card guarantee.

To find the best rate to call any destination from any place, there is a rate finder available online. It is essential to select the country from where the call is being made and the country to which it is being made. Now, it becomes possible to compare the best six cards for the selected destination. There is another option on the website called “View all rates.” Here, the rates for any card to any destination in the world can be found out.

Purchasing a pinless calling card is easy if done online. It is necessary to click on a featured card to know more about it. The rate finder can be used to compare the best rates. The cards can be selected and bought online. Instantaneously, the PIN will be sent by email. The card’s PIN less setup and dialing instructions are to be followed.

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