El Toro vs Mariachi. Comparing calling cards

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El Toro Calling Cards and Mariachi International Calling Cards are cards that provide low rates for international calls. Each brand also offer competitive rates to specific locations, giving them an extra edge over their peers. Well, what are the benefits of using either card?
el toro mariachi
While each card focuses their lowest rate in certain areas, the Mariachi card covers a wider range. So the Mariachi card boasts one of the lowest call rates from Mexico while the El Toro’s lower charges apply to fewer regions. The Mariachi card also offer more local access numbers than the latter.

However, El Toro also have their pros. Their cards have no maintenance charges while the Mariachi card charges 69c per week. At the same time, the former have a shorter rounding time and thus saves the caller a bit of extra cash. Another attractive feature include its unlimited validity period which saves users the hassle and money of buying new calling cards.

Hello from UK International Phone Card Review

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Hello from UK is a refillable international phone card without maintenance, service and connection fees if you using Toll Free Access in the United Kingdom.
This phone card is suitable for calls from UK, USA and Canada. Hello from UK card provide cheap international calling rates to European countries with crystal connection quality. And you can call via this phone card from the USA and Canada with equal cheap rates using Toll Free Access Number 1-800-290-6928, no surcharge application for the US and only 1.5 ¢/min for Canada. Rounding time of Hello from UK is 3 minutes, payphone charges is 99 ¢. Prompt languages for this card is English only, validity period – six months from last refill operation.
And please note, to restriction of Hello from UK card – you can’t make domestic calls within one state, you can’t dial UK phone number from UK, only another country. This phone card suitable solely for international calls.
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Penny Card vs Africa Calling Card

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There are many different types of calling cards available on the market. Each one offers its own set of unique features and benefits. The aim of such differences is catering to various types of users and travelers.

Take for instance the Penny Boss Calling Card and Africa Calling Card.
The Penny Boss card targets the frequent, long-stay visitor. They offers the cost saving option of permanent pins and refill options. While this may result in a slightly higher maintenance fee and service charge, this feature actually cuts calling expenses in the long run. And it is for this reason that this card doesn’t have an expiry period.

On the other hand, Africa Calling Card will appeal to students and tourists. It offers lowest rates to select destinations, narrowing its user group. And with its user group in mind, the maintenance fees and taxes are considerably lower for this card.

Jupiter phone cards – Lucky Thursday

May 28, 2009 on 2:37 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

We offering Lucky Thursday Deal – if you purchase Jupiter phone card on Thursday you;’ll receive up to 15% bonus of recharged amount. Bonus will be reckon by next scheme:

  • If you buy from $20 to $50 receive 12% bonus
  • If you buy $50 to $150 receive 15% bonus to phone card

jupiter phone cards
Jupiter is a prepaid phone card with Permanent PIN and Recharge option providing affordable long distance rates from the USA and Canada to many destinations.

Calling Cards on Sale

March 14, 2009 on 5:30 pm | In Calling cards | 1 Comment

Phonebestcard.com offering March, 2007 Hot Deals:
Champion and PennyBoss calling cards SALE 10% off
Champion is Permanent PIN prepaid calling card with PIN Free Access feature. Local access numbers make your phone calls cheaper in most USA states.
Penny Boss refillable phone card provide lowest international calling rates with high voice quality, available Toll-Free and Local access numbers.
Also, we invite you to visit the updated part of our site about prepaid phone cards.

Reliable Calling Card

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Calling cards are admittedly the best accessory for frequent long-distance callers. They pave the ways for easier, faster and more efficient voice communication.

Think of reliable calling cards as keys to the vast network of inter-connected communication lines. A simple purchase will grant a user easy-to-use access to wide range of features that enable communication with anyone anywhere in the world.

So, how are calling cards better than traditional phone lines? Well, consider a calling card’s most attractive and prominent features – cost-cutting and user-friendliness. To begin with, since numerous prepaid cards provide access via the internet, your calling costs will be much lower. There are other money saving pros as well. Many boast low rounding time charges, even lower pay phone charges and minimal to no maintenance charges. Plus, handy features like permanent pin will dismiss the need for memorizing lengthy dialing codes and such troublesome details.

EuroTalk and Euromaster calling cards

February 18, 2009 on 4:46 pm | In Calling cards | 1 Comment

EuroTalk and Euromaster are two calling cards that offer low, low rates for local and international calls. Both cards provide similar services and great features. But what are the pros and cons of each card?

There are noticeable similarities. Where cutting costs is concerend, both cards boast no connection fee as well as low pay phone charges. At the same time, they offer access to a wide number of destinations.

But where does each calling card have an upperhand? To begin with, Eurotalk boasts more attractive cost reduction features. They have no service charge and no maintenance fee. On the other hand, Euromaster might charge a maintenance fee but it is low enough to be a cash-saver.
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Discovery calling card

January 16, 2009 on 4:10 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

We want present new calling card – Discovery, provided by ACC carrier. This card can be used for call from Canada, USA – Continental. Discovery is a refillable phone card with Permanent PIN option – you can add calling time on-line at any time from phone or using auto-refill feature.

disovery calling card

Discovery calling cards not have maintenance or connection fees, service taxes and surcharge is 15%, payphone charge is 99 с. Rounding time is only 1 minute, validity period unlimited. Also you may use PIN Free Access feature if not want enter PIN with every call, just register phone number with Discovery calling card and it’ will recognizing automatically after dialing. You can registered up 10 various telephone numbers.

Discovery calling card provide high quality of connection and lowest calling rates to many countries from USA and Canada. Available Toll Free Access and Local Access numbers that get cheapest rates in your area for overseas and domestic calls.

The Amazing Untold Benefits of Prepaid Phone Cards

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You answer your phone and it is someone that you definitely don’t want to talk to. A boyfriend or girlfriend or your boss wanting to know why you didn’t show up for work. So, how do you get out of it without making a bad situation worse? The answer is simple. Tell them that your prepaid minutes are down to the last final seconds then simply hang up the phone.

Can You Hear Me Now!!??

Works like a charm! This is but one of the many benefits of using a prepaid phone cards that they don’t show you in the advertisements and there are many more than that. For instance maybe you are one of these type of people that don’t like their personal information spread all over the place.

Who is John Doe?

With a prepaid phone cards cellphone plan you can give them any name or address that you like when you purchase your phone and initiate service. Also, when all of your shady friends get caught for what ever it is that they are doing, your name won’t show up an any list when they search their phone to see who they were calling.

Only So Many Minutes for Your friends to Steal

So they all go to Leavenworth and you go to the beach to work on your tan! So while the minutes do cost more the benefits that a best prepaid calling card plan offers are many. For instance, you don’t have to worry about anyone using your phone to call China and talk all night when you are asleep in your bedroom.

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International Calling Cards – Distance No More

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 We are living in a world where days are getting longer and distance shorter. No more are we bound by time zones and distance has taken a backseat for now. Telephone, one instrument that has changed the whole way the world communicates. And along came internet, just to fasten it some more. All the technology is being designed with one thing in mind, less is more. International calling cards is the best to have happened to those who are shores away from their homes.

Since long the issue of cost for an international call has been haunting the telephone companies. With business no more being restricted to the founding countries, the international business calls has always been on a high. However with more and more people moving out of their native country to the countries with opportunities, the need to talk to the family left behind or the personal calls has propelled the international calling business. More and more players are flooding the market to get a share in this phenomenally increasing market.

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