Phone cards for Soldiers

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People from many countries are sent to war regions to help out the people there. It is often very difficult for soldiers to contact their loved ones back home. And since they stay for such a long time away from family and friends, it becomes necessary for them to call home to keep up their morale in the midst of a war.

Using a mobile phone might be convenient, but it can hardly be called a viable option. Call rates are extremely high while making long distance calls. Finding good phone services in a war zone is a problem in itself. A prepaid international military phone card is easily the best option there is.

Phone card providers offer great discounts to men and women in the military. What you get are high quality calls at low prices. These cards are easy to use. Whether phone calls are made on base or off it, these cards save you from running up big bills while contacting your close ones. You just have to buy one and use it. Very importantly, it is absolutely hassle-free.

Good deals are easily available with service providers. Military calling cards for soldiers purchased online can be conveniently refilled. Plans with permanent PIN numbers allow families and friends of military members stationed overseas to add on to a calling card without changing the way you call. When you use online cards, the PIN number is mailed to you and so there is no risk of losing anything. This allows people in the military as well as their family to use it. It can also be shared by families by forwarding the mail containing the PIN number. You will also know details of calls made.
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Cheap Calls Help Your Business

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Business phone cards can save businesses huge amounts whenever they send out employees to other locations for work related purposes. Choosing a card is very important.
Most phone card companies offer special packages for businesses and corporations of any size for their employees which help in saving plenty of money. Most companies have to pay unreasonable amounts when their employees have to use the company phone, or the hotel phones to call up the employer in emergency situations. And the company has to pay. Instead the companies can opt for these calling cards which have cheap calling rates and enable connectivity without breaking the back.
These phone cards are available for use in most countries worldwide. They don’t charge and connection or maintenance fees. One only pays for the minutes one uses. All the call history is available online. The easy part is that the PIN number dispatched online which means many employees can use the same PIN for calling avoiding unnecessary hassles. Recharging is easy and can be done at any time of the day.
All businesses can profit from it. Small or large, they have to send employees to other locations on the map. There is constant customer support from most providers. And these phone card services come with satisfaction guarantee. Call rates are cheap but most providers give good quality during the call. So you get the best of both worlds.
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Last Hot Deal of Summer 2010

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We present last hot deal of hot summer 2010 – Solaris and Golden Lotus calling cards on sale.

Solaris calling card
solaris calling cards
Solaris calling card can be used variety people: businessman, students, baby sitters, travelers – for call to the US and any other country from overseas destinations and many others. With Solaris you can make phone calls from 95 countries without additional connection & maintenance fees. This card may be recharged online by you, your friends and relatives or automatically when balance is low so with Solaris you forever will stay on connection. For recharging you receive PIN number instantly after buying by e-mail and these PIN number is permanent and never changes. Solaris is prepaid card – you not receive any extra bills after calls. Solaris is a ultimate card accepted Toll Free and Local Access numbers that make your phone calls cheaper, validity period of Solaris is 10 month, so you not risl lost money on the card.

Golden Lotus calling card
golden lotus calling cards
Golden Lotus is premium phonecard provided by NW-IP telecom carrier and allow calling from the multiple countries but ensure best rates for calls to South Asia countries – India, Pakistan and other. But this not mean that you can’t call with Golden Lotus only to Asia counties, Local Access numbers and Toll Free numbers make your domestic calls in the USA and Canada cheaper. Golden lotus haven’t connection fees, maintenance fee is 99c/weekly, rounding time – 3 minutes. Like Solaris, Golden Lotus is refillable card allowing add funds to card in any time, also Golden Lotus provide next useful features – Speed dial, PINless dialing and On-line call history access so you can check statistic of your talks.

Phone cards on Sale: Jupiter and Penny Boss

June 28, 2010 on 4:18 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

Today we present new our Hot Deal:
Jupiter and Penny Boss phone cards for Sale 10% off.

Jupiter phone card
jupiter phone card
Is a most popular refillable card with Permanent PIN from our customers provided by ECC now you can call with Jupiter 10% more. With Jupiter you get unlimited validity period without connections and maintenance fees, rounding time is only 1 minute. Jupiter phone cards offer resonable international calling rates, especially using Toll Free number, from the USA, Canada and many other countries with high quality of connection.

Penny Boss phone card
penny boss phone card
PennyBoss is card with Permanent PIN handy refill and PIN free access features provided by NTC. Due to Toll Free access numbers you can call with Penny Boss to wide range counties by low rates without connection fee. Local access numbers help make cheap call from your cellphone.

Lucky Minutes and Mozart Phone Cards on Sale

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We glad to offer you new hot deal:
Purchase or refill Mozart or Lucky Minutes phone cards and receive 10% discount.

Mozart phone card
Mozart phone cardIs a 5 star rated card without maintenance and connection fees with PIN Free Access and handy Refill option. Mozart provide low international calling rates to most of European countries. And Permanent PIN make calls more easier. If you call from USA, Canada or Puerto-Rico use Toll Free Access Number 1-800-851-6720.

Lucky Minutes
Lucky Minutes phone cardLucky Minutes as Mozart Permanent PIN refillable card and propose PIN free access. We recommend use Lucky Minutes for domestic call in the US and for international calls to due to cheap rates provided by this card for many destinations. As well calling from your cellphone with Lucky Minutes you can using Local Access Number and reduce costs. Full list of local access numbers you can find on description page.

Comparing Lucky Minutes and Golden Lotus Calling Cards

February 8, 2010 on 2:21 pm | In Calling cards | 4 Comments

Lucky Minutes phone card and Golden Lotus overseas calling card are two of the top rated calling cards. They offer great deals at competitive prices and bundle together a number of attractive features. This brings up an interesting question. What are the pros and cons of each card?
lucky minutesgolden lotus
When comparing these two cards, it should be noted that there are a number of similar features. They both offer the same rounding time, toll free access and unlimited validity period. So far neither seems to have the upper hand.

Both cards also cut costs in different ways. For instance, while Lucky Minutes has lower maintenance charges and more local access numbers than the other card, they do charge a connection fee. On the other hand, not only does the Golden Lotus do away with connection charges, they also charge less as surplus charges.

Lucky’s additional feature, a feature that is lacking from Golden Lotus, obviously targets the frequent flyer. This said feature is the permanent pin option which is most travelers’ fabvored means of calling home.

Best Calling Cards of 2009

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The year 2009 witnessed the Telecom companies striving hard to make global communication a cake walk for customers around the world. The advent of calling cards have contributed a lot in this mission. One can stay connected with friends, relatives and business partners internationally with great ease and relatively low cost. With the New Year’s resolutions still in pursuit, let’s sneak into the last year and have a look at the best calling cards of 2009.

Jupiter calling cards
JupiterJupiter calling card is perhaps the best bet for international travelers who feel the need to make long distance calls. It’s a Permanent Pin calling card which comes along with a refill feature and PIN Free access option. The best part is that the rates are very economical and there is no expiry date. Jupiter phone card allows long distance calls from Canada and USA to several countries.
One simply needs to sign up with the respective provider and register your phone number with them. Once registered, your phone number will be recognized immediately after you dial the Access code.
You don’t have to worry about any hidden charges, nor do you have to remember the unimaginable difficult PIN.
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Phone cards: Best Christmas Gift

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With the encroaching Christmas holidays, we all know that it’s the time of the year when we are subjected with the challenging task of preparing a gift list. More than often, we find ourselves in a bewildered state of mind, trying to figure out a suitable gift, which is unique, affordable and likeable. After all, it’s a season of sharing and giving, and we certainly do not want to miss an opportunity to gift something special to those who have positively impacted our lives. gift phone card
The act of sharing does not necessarily imply that you end up with a huge pile of bills. Despite having a small budget, you can lay your hands on a gift which is presentable and likeable.
Remember, it’s not always true that the best gifts are the most popular ones. Most individuals prefer something beyond flowers, greeting cards or toys. Your best bet would be to choose a gift which can used by individuals of all taste, and which is not an ordinary choice.

Phone card is the perfect solution if you are looking for an unique and presentable gift. Unlike the traditional gift items like flowers and greeting cards, phone cards can be used in a resourceful manner by the recipient. In a way, your gift would mean some savings for the recipient, considering the fact that most people often spend money to purchase phone cards. Christmas is a season of spending, and any kind of savings would be hugely appreciated by the thankful recipient.
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Comparing Jupiter and Global Talk

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Jupiter and Global Talk are two popular calling cards that offer competitive rates and attractive features. They are a step ahead of their peers and given top ratings by most users. While they can hold their own amongst other calling cards, how do they fare when compared to each other?
Jupiter calling cardsGlobal talk
To begin with, both cards boast the same options which ensure high ratings amongst consumers. These features include major cost cutting options like no connection and maintenance fees as well as a low rounding time.

There are a few extra features that give a slight edge to Jupiter calling card though. For one thing, they offer an unlimited validity period which can appeal to long stay visitors. They also offer permanent pin and refill option which caters to frequent flyers.
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Review of Cardinal Calling Cards

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Cardinal prepaid calling cards provided by and ACC offering you outstanding service with best calling rates to many countries via Local access numbers with excellent connection’s quality. With this card you can make calls from phone located in multiple countries of the world to any destinations. But please not forget ensure that using access number is local for your area to avoid additional charges.
Cardinal calling card doesn’t Maintenance and Connection Fees as well as Service Taxes & Surcharges. If you’ll us phone card with payphone charge will 99 cents. Rounding time for Cardinal is one minute. Cards accept local access numbers to 27 countries of the world and toll-free numbers for USA and Canada.
Cardinal prepaid card is refillable card with PIN Free Access option, also with Cardinal you may use Speed Dial feature that allow you dial hard remember long phone numbers via press only 3 buttons only.
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