Phone cards on Sale: Jupiter and Penny Boss

June 28, 2010 on 4:18 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

Today we present new our Hot Deal:
Jupiter and Penny Boss phone cards for Sale 10% off.

Jupiter phone card
jupiter phone card
Is a most popular refillable card with Permanent PIN from our customers provided by ECC now you can call with Jupiter 10% more. With Jupiter you get unlimited validity period without connections and maintenance fees, rounding time is only 1 minute. Jupiter phone cards offer resonable international calling rates, especially using Toll Free number, from the USA, Canada and many other countries with high quality of connection.

Penny Boss phone card
penny boss phone card
PennyBoss is card with Permanent PIN handy refill and PIN free access features provided by NTC. Due to Toll Free access numbers you can call with Penny Boss to wide range counties by low rates without connection fee. Local access numbers help make cheap call from your cellphone.


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