HTC Google Nexus One

January 30, 2010 on 9:31 am | In Cell phones | 7 Comments

Google is known to be a giant killer – from battling Microsoft in the search domain and Yahoo in the email markets. Google’s latest target seems to be the much envied iPhone from Apple. It has been a long wait for the iPhone killer from Google which has been a hot topic for discussion for technocrats all over the world. Finally it’s here – The HTC Google Nexus One.
htc google nexus one
At first look, the HTC Google Nexus One is pretty similar to the latest full touch screen phones on offer today. The touch interface and the way the entire screen is planned reminds one of the iPhone at first sight, but apart from looks, Google have managed to up the bar on many other features.

The first point worth mention is the 1 Ghz Snapdragon CPU, which makes it twice as fast as any other smartphone out there. However, only time can tell, if the battery technology existing today, is capable of handling such processors. The Android OS is excellent with its multi-tasking, “never close an app” approach, just perfect for phones of this kind. The 4 GB memory is a tad lower compared to the iPhone, but the SD card expandable slot with support up to 32 GB is a wonderful add-on, especially considering the falling prices of these cards.

The camera on the HTC Google Nexus One is 5 MP, auto-focus with LED flash and a very decent lens.

Also, considering the number of Google applications we use on the internet, this phone is a boon for us. It downloads all your calendars, contacts, settings etc from the internet, the moment you log on to the Google network. The Android market too is developing fast as it gives users full control over content development. Noise cancelling dual microphones, voice search and SMS input are other notable features.

With a $179 price tag along with a T-mobile 2 year contract, it is very desirable too!


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