Best Calling Cards of 2009

January 8, 2010 on 2:31 pm | In Calling cards | 7 Comments

The year 2009 witnessed the Telecom companies striving hard to make global communication a cake walk for customers around the world. The advent of calling cards have contributed a lot in this mission. One can stay connected with friends, relatives and business partners internationally with great ease and relatively low cost. With the New Year’s resolutions still in pursuit, let’s sneak into the last year and have a look at the best calling cards of 2009.

Jupiter calling cards
JupiterJupiter calling card is perhaps the best bet for international travelers who feel the need to make long distance calls. It’s a Permanent Pin calling card which comes along with a refill feature and PIN Free access option. The best part is that the rates are very economical and there is no expiry date. Jupiter phone card allows long distance calls from Canada and USA to several countries.
One simply needs to sign up with the respective provider and register your phone number with them. Once registered, your phone number will be recognized immediately after you dial the Access code.
You don’t have to worry about any hidden charges, nor do you have to remember the unimaginable difficult PIN.

Lucky minutes phone cards
Lucky MinutesLucky minutes phone cards offers one the convenience of PIN Free Access as well as a handy recharge facility. The international calling rates are unbeatably low to many countries.
You can also enjoy Local Toll Free Access numbers, and you can magnify your savings by using the Local Access Numbers from your cellular phone. Overall, one can cherish great services with clear connections and reliability.

Simply permanent PIN calling cards
SimplySimply calling card is a Permanent PIN card which comes with PIN Free Access and Refill features. One can enjoy Toll Free access from USA and Canada along with low distance calling rates to several countries. The quality is impeccable, and there are no connection fees associated with this calling card. With Simply calling card, one can enjoy great service without sacrificing the quality.

Solaris international phone cards
SolarisWith a backing of excellent connectivity and overall services, Solaris international phone cards can be used to place calls in over 100 countries. PIN Free access and Refill options along with affordable cost are the predominant features one can enjoy with Solaris phone cards. There is no connection or maintenance fee associated with this phone card. All these features make Solaris an ideal pick for business, travelling and other uses.

Cheap Street calling card
Cheap StreetCheap Street calling card is known for its high connectivity and low cost. Cheap Street calling card offers the best rates for domestic as well as international calls. It also offers toll free access in the United States along with Local Access Numbers in USA and Canada. There is no validity period, nor any connection or maintenance fee associated with Cheap Street calling cards. For millions of people out there, Cheap Street calling cards are the best choice to stay connected with friends, family members and business associates.


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