RIM Blackberry Storm

December 12, 2009 on 2:02 pm | In Cell phones | 4 Comments

Blackberry Storm is Research in Motion (or RIM)’s answer to the touchscreen phenomenon. While it may not offer the attractive set of features synonymous with Apple’s iPhone, it still boasts a considerable list of add-ons that marks its place as a strong competitor in the field.
blackberry storm
What are the noteworthy features of the Storm? Well, how does an accelerometer and smooth touch screen navigation sound? There is a wide range of applications and softwares that cater specifically to these two types of technology and thus, this ensures that the Storm keeps up with its peers.

Other attractive features of the Storm include excellent PDA support (email, task management, etc.), multimedia functionality (think games, video watching and music playing features) and fast internet connectivity features.

Many people also talk about the Storm’s potential to usurp the iPhone’s hold on the tech-savvy market. To this effect, there is a link to VCAST Music with Rhapsody whereby users can access a wide number of song files.


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