PC to Phone VoIP Service

November 21, 2009 on 1:28 pm | In Telecommunication services | 4 Comments

PC to Phone VoIP is an innovative modern technology that enables voice communication via the Internet. PC to Phone simply means that you will be using a computer software connected to the Internet in order to call a landline/cell number.
This type of VoIP has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is one of the cheapest ways to call international numbers. For travelers and long stay visitors this can help cut costs where phone bills are concerend.

Secondly, it provides more freedom for users, doing away with the hassles of traditional lines. With this service all you really need is connection to the internet. Compare this to the age old ways of finding a landline that can dial international numbers.

Thirdly, VoIP services such as this boasts better, clearer connection. Static, noise distortions and call dropping are common problems faced by users of landlines and such hassles will be greatly diminished by the VoIP service.


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