Review of Cardinal Calling Cards

September 30, 2009 on 3:29 pm | In Calling cards | 4 Comments

Cardinal prepaid calling cards provided by and ACC offering you outstanding service with best calling rates to many countries via Local access numbers with excellent connection’s quality. With this card you can make calls from phone located in multiple countries of the world to any destinations. But please not forget ensure that using access number is local for your area to avoid additional charges.
Cardinal calling card doesn’t Maintenance and Connection Fees as well as Service Taxes & Surcharges. If you’ll us phone card with payphone charge will 99 cents. Rounding time for Cardinal is one minute. Cards accept local access numbers to 27 countries of the world and toll-free numbers for USA and Canada.
Cardinal prepaid card is refillable card with PIN Free Access option, also with Cardinal you may use Speed Dial feature that allow you dial hard remember long phone numbers via press only 3 buttons only.
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Benefits of Calling Cards

September 15, 2009 on 3:17 pm | In Uncategorized | 4 Comments

The world is becoming a smaller place; people travel longer distances for work, young ones are moving abroad for further studies and improved transport systems has spurred the growth of travel and tourism. What is the biggest worry for all these people? Finding an effective method of voice communication with loved ones, of course.
Travel Card
How was this normally achieved? Traditional voice communication means like landlines can result in expensive monthly bills and troublesome paperwork. At that rate, frequent communication might not be possible.

This is where calling cards come into play. Boasting fast, effective communication at low rates, calling cards are a frequent flyer’s best friend.

Firstly you no longer have to look for long-distance enabled landlines. With calling cards, all you need is to sign up and log onto the service via a simple access code. It works anywhere, at anytime.
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