Nokia N97—What’s All The Fuss About?

July 9, 2009 on 3:19 pm | In Cell phones | 6 Comments

Many gadget enthusiasts have been waiting patiently for the new Nokia N97 to finally make its appearance on store shelves. However, if you’re not a “Gadget Geek”, then you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about with a new cell phone; I mean it’s just a phone, right? If that is what you are thinking, then read on and you will see what all the excitement is about!nokia n97 The Nokia N97 is built upon the previously released Nokia 5800 series phone that has been widely renowned by critics. Some parts of the N97 have remained unchanged from the 5800 series phone, such as the camera. Fortunately for N97 enthusiasts, the Nokia 5800 was already packing one of the leading cell phone cameras on the market, so this new phone doesn’t lose much in that area! You can even use the built in camera as a web cam which Nokia knows you internet junkies will love.

The slider portion of the phone is a great improvement over the 5800, as the slider can tilt to a 35 degree angle. The Nokia N97 is one of the first phones on the market that offers this, and all of you “texters” and web surfers will enjoy that added design! Additionally, the plastic housing for the touchscreen isn’t recessed, so it’s much easier to use your fingers instead of a stylus. The unit is rugged too! In fact, even though the whole unit is made completely of velvet plastic, it feels just as sturdy as if it were made of metal, and the slider screen doesn’t wiggle or sway even after multiple closings and openings.

The one major improvement to this model is what it is capable of doing as soon as you unpack it. All of those features on the 5800 that took multiple separate downloads, set-ups and configurations, come pre-installed and ready to go with the N97. The N97 also is capable of running multiple widgets, which trendy Web 2.0 internet users will find very inviting.

Nokia believes it hit the nail on the head with this phone by dubbing it a “multimedia computer”. With the call clarity that Nokia has been known for, the built in camera and video, the great sounding MP3 player, the added software upgrades and the ease of use, it’s no wonder that everyone is keeping their eyes on Nokia.


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