Jupiter phone cards – Lucky Thursday

May 28, 2009 on 2:37 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

We offering Lucky Thursday Deal – if you purchase Jupiter phone card on Thursday you;’ll receive up to 15% bonus of recharged amount. Bonus will be reckon by next scheme:

  • If you buy from $20 to $50 receive 12% bonus
  • If you buy $50 to $150 receive 15% bonus to phone card

jupiter phone cards
Jupiter is a prepaid phone card with Permanent PIN and Recharge option providing affordable long distance rates from the USA and Canada to many destinations.

How to Find Reverse Phone Number?

May 14, 2009 on 4:35 pm | In Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I receive many comments to my post about Reverse Phone Number Lookup and want to offer other on-line service for finding helpful information.

Each of us from time to time get the unknown phone calls from unpublished numbers. I think that you may be very interested in knowing whom that numbers belong to?

You probably heard about about Reverse Phone Directories or as reverse phone services or searches that can allow you lookup various data about the people or companies behind the unlisted phone #. It is a very simple, fast and quite easy, but only if using reliance reverse phone directory with complete and correct databases.

You need only type a phone number and you will be able yo find the address, name, and sometimes if available, account history of the number owner. In no time you are provided with needed information on your computer. Sounds very attractive, does not?
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Games for Nokia 5800 XM

May 11, 2009 on 7:19 am | In Telecommunication services | 22 Comments

You can get a lot of great games for your Nokia 5800 that’s for sure. Free or paid, there is a game out there to suit every one, whatever their gaming preferences. Here a few of the hottest right now.

Touch Maneuver:
This is a really cool little freeware version of those “don’t touch that wire” games you played as a child, a little like “Operation” for your cell phone.
In this graphically appealing little teaser you guide a touch controlled ring along a virtual path, avoiding touching the track. There are lots of obstacles along the path, and the levels get harder as you go along.

Meteor Arkanoid:
This is a very cool new twist on the old Space Invaders games.
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T-Mobile G1 SmartPhone

May 5, 2009 on 4:40 pm | In Cell phones | 1 Comment

HTC Dream or the T-mobile G1 is the one of the most eagerly awaited smartphone on the market. It was well received on its release. The hype surrounding the phone is largely due to its status as a serious competitor to Apple’s famous iPhone.

g1 htc dream

It is similar to iPhone and Nokia 5800 in that it is also a touchscreen device. In a way, this consolidates a big move towards sleeker phones that enhance usability. G1 also offers other attractive features like camera and Accelerometer, similar to the iPhone.

G1 is also a Google sponsored device. This has major implications for the device as a whole. With its excellent internet connectivity, it boasts synchronizations and easy access to all Google-related accounts and applications.
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