IDT Telecom Service Provider

April 13, 2009 on 4:26 pm | In Telecommunication services | 1 Comment

IDT is an American telecommunications company that is well-known for providing a wide range of features at competitive prices. Boasting a number of handy options that cater to both individuals and companies, this company has now spread out over the world.

IDT is popular for a number of reasons. Their affordable cost rates for both local and international calls has maintained their appeal amongst users amidst the rise of numerous other service providers.

Another attractive feature is the range of communication add-ons (conference calling, etc.) that are offered to companies and business-minded people. Thus, this provides users with access to recent innovations at the low, low rates which in turn consolidated their popularity.

One prominent item offered by IDT was their Everest calling card. It provided the means of calling local and international destinations where users could enjoy the services and facilities of IDT even when they were far from home. IDT also provides next phone cards El Toro, Mozart, Sahara and Tigris.

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