Applications for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

April 6, 2009 on 3:58 pm | In Cell phones | 23 Comments

Today I want to present useful application for Nokia 5800 XM and hope that this list make your phone more functional.

Google Maps
google maps
Google Maps is a free web-mapping online service provided by Google that powers many map based services, including the Google Maps, Google Ride Finder, Google Transit, and maps embedded on third party sites by Google Maps API. It offers street maps, a route planner and urban business locator for many countries.

Garmin Mobile XT 5.00.30
Garmin Mobile XT turns your cellphone into a powerful portable GPS navigator. You can search for addresses and places, and to receive voice prompts to navigate to your desired destination this allow you keep your eyes on road. The device allows you to use 3-d maps and modern navigational features – saved routes and trajectories, the task elements to be excluded from the route, POIs search etc. Garmin Mobile XT is the first cell phone navigation software that visually presents and constantly updates position of user on a detailed map.
Garmin Mobile is powerful professional software and unlike Google Maps allow upload map to cellphone and work offline but Google Maps is free. Choose application which is better suited for you.

Applications from Epocware:

Handy Shell
handy shell

Handy Shell allow add info on your Nokia 5800 screen next information: shortcuts of often using application for fast access, date, time, cellphone indicators and more. If you buy
Handy Weather
handy wheather
you will see automatic updating weather data (current conditions, five day weather forecast) in Handy Shell.

Handy Blacklist
handy blacklist
Handy Blacklist is very useful application that will protects your time and peace of mind by keeping undesired calls off your cellphone. Just add undesirable phone number to blacklist and calls will be rejected automatically.

Handy Calendar
handy calendar
Handy Calendar for Nokia 5800 will help you to organize your schedule, remind of your friend and family special dates, with this calendar you don’t forget when and where you want do something.

Handy Converter
handy converter
Handy Converter let you easily convert given amount to up to three foreign currencies at the same time, convert length, weight, temperature, speed, area, volume measurement. Convert types of size: shoes, clothes, shirts and shoes from 7 international scales to needed you.

Handy Safe Pro
handy safe pro
Handy Safe Pro will keep all of your confidential information in one place with one password. This easy to access application allow have private information always with you with high secure level.
Find more information about Epocware application for Nokia 5800 XM.

File managers:

X-plore 1.30
X-plore 1.30 from LonelyCat support touchscreen and allow view drives, folders and files on cellphone in tree. View text and image files, create folders and txt files, copy or move files and folders. Also with X-plore you can extract files from Zip, Rar, Jar archives and pack files to Zip, send files by bluetooth and infrared. You can use unregistered version which will display popup when you start application.

Y-Browser is a free file manager application for Nokia 5800 with functionality like X-plore 1.30. I offer try both application and choose better for you.

For reading book I reccomend use Qreader:
This application support many file formats: txt, fb2, tcr, umd, palm doc and etc, 60 different character’s codepages and 3 Unicode. Has hi-quality bookmarks, text formatting, auto-scrolling features.
If you want work with MS Office documents on your smartphone use QuickOffice v4.02368

If you know about other useful application for Nokia 5800 XM, please post short review in comments. And if possible specify paid this programm or free.


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