EuroTalk and Euromaster calling cards

February 18, 2009 on 4:46 pm | In Calling cards | 1 Comment

EuroTalk and Euromaster are two calling cards that offer low, low rates for local and international calls. Both cards provide similar services and great features. But what are the pros and cons of each card?

There are noticeable similarities. Where cutting costs is concerend, both cards boast no connection fee as well as low pay phone charges. At the same time, they offer access to a wide number of destinations.

But where does each calling card have an upperhand? To begin with, Eurotalk boasts more attractive cost reduction features. They have no service charge and no maintenance fee. On the other hand, Euromaster might charge a maintenance fee but it is low enough to be a cash-saver.

Another noteworthy difference is the expiry date. Both have significantly differing expiration periods but this is probably because each one caters to a different type of traveler. Eurotalk calling card offers 12 month validity which might be more attractive to long stay visitors. In this way, the Euromaster’s 3 month validity period caters to those coming over for shorter periods.

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