The Amazing Untold Benefits of Prepaid Phone Cards

December 6, 2008 on 12:09 pm | In Calling cards | 3 Comments

You answer your phone and it is someone that you definitely don’t want to talk to. A boyfriend or girlfriend or your boss wanting to know why you didn’t show up for work. So, how do you get out of it without making a bad situation worse? The answer is simple. Tell them that your prepaid minutes are down to the last final seconds then simply hang up the phone.

Can You Hear Me Now!!??

Works like a charm! This is but one of the many benefits of using a prepaid phone cards that they don’t show you in the advertisements and there are many more than that. For instance maybe you are one of these type of people that don’t like their personal information spread all over the place.

Who is John Doe?

With a prepaid phone cards cellphone plan you can give them any name or address that you like when you purchase your phone and initiate service. Also, when all of your shady friends get caught for what ever it is that they are doing, your name won’t show up an any list when they search their phone to see who they were calling.

Only So Many Minutes for Your friends to Steal

So they all go to Leavenworth and you go to the beach to work on your tan! So while the minutes do cost more the benefits that a best prepaid calling card plan offers are many. For instance, you don’t have to worry about anyone using your phone to call China and talk all night when you are asleep in your bedroom.

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International Calls – Choices and Options

December 4, 2008 on 3:38 pm | In Telecommunication services | No Comments

You may not know this but only a few decades back, international calls were very expensive. In fact, when adjusted for inflation it was not uncommon for a short international call to cost what would be in todays money $50 or more.

So now not only are there far more options for making international calls but what you have to pay for them can vary widely as well. Right now the least expensive option is what is known as VoIP. This stands for voice over Internet protocol and with this option your call is basically transferred over the Internet.

One option that offers complete convenience is prepaid phone cards. While you do have to enter in an extensive pin code to use them, you can use them literally anywhere at any time. This means that you can can even give one as gift to someone that has friends or relatives in another country.

Of course, just about every calling plan now offers international calls and they will beoverseas calls with, another may be more expensive depending on the terms of your agreement with the provider.

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