Personal Toll Free Numbers: The New Status Symbol

October 19, 2008 on 10:43 am | In Telecommunication services | No Comments

 In an age where boundaries don’t matter, you are not far away from your family or customers. With increased commercialization came sales, with sales came after sales service and then came Customer satisfaction; Customer satisfaction lead to Toll Free Numbers, wherein the consumer wherever they were, could call for resolution of their queries and never charged a dime for the same! The latest in these series is Personal Toll Free Numbers.

Many people today are subscribing to Toll Free Numbers and the best part is that these are easily manageable. In other words, the calls can be routed to any phone anywhere in the world. Also these numbers can be remembered very easily and act as status symbols for many. Of course what better than ‘self branding’, and what best than a Personal Toll Free Number that speaks for your personality.

Having a personal toll free number, is one convenient option. With increasing mobility between cities even countries, one ends up maintaining various phones which sometimes becomes cumbersome to maintain.

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