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June 19, 2008 on 3:11 pm | In Telecommunication services | No Comments

 Everywhere around the world, Short Message Service (SMS) has become omnipresent. There are about billions and millions of SMS sent everyday from one mobile to another. As the days are passing by more and more people are realizing the importance of SMS as they are comparatively cheaper telephone calls.

Apart from using it as a cheap phone SMS services can also be used in a large numbers of ways like Email to SMS or vice versa, SMS to SMS, SMS scheduling, Fax etc.

With the help of email to SMS service you can send SMS through your emails, which help you to receive messages from your business contacts, family members and friends. Nowadays most of the mobiles provide with the facility of sending SMS to emails. This facility helps you in a two-way communication between SMS and email without restricting your time of communication.

Another feature is SMS to SMS; in this you can send a particular message to number of people at the same time with the help of the predefined names that you provide. SMS service helps you to take care of your busy and hectic schedules. Though this can be done with the help of your mobile phones but SMS scheduling helps you to manage your complicated schedules also.

Last but not the least you can send faxes any where around the world with the help of SMS services by using email to fax. Not only this, but you can also fax a web page to any fax machine with none other than the SMS service. What’s more, you can also schedule it in a manner that you receive your faxes regularly of a particular web page!

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