Bizon calling cards review

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Bizon is a refillable calling cards provided by NTC carrier with the Permanent PIN and PIN free access features. Also Bizon calling cards are no connection and maintenance fee and offering to you lowest calling rates to very many countries all around the world. Using Local Access and Toll Free Numbers in the USA and Canada and Local Access Numbers in Europe. Bizon can make communication in travels easier, you can refill Bizon at any time.

bizon phone card
As we said Bizon phone cards not have maintenance & connection fees, rounding time is 1 min. Toll Free Access Numbers available in the US and Canada, Local Access Numbers in USA, Canada and European countries. For this calling card apply  Service taxes and surcharges 15%, payphone charge is 99 ¢. Prompt language is English only. Bizon telephone cards will expires if no refill within 10 months.

For using PIN free access feature just register your phone number with bizon calling card and system automatically recognized it after you dial Access number. You no need remember long PIN number.

Access numbers:
  • From USA Continental: 1-800-396-9353 (add 1¢/minute)
  • From cellphone or landline with free long-distance: 213-226-8436
  • From Canada: 1-800-796-6235 (add 3¢/minute)

More information about access numbers, dialing instruction you can on and in our telecommunication blog

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