April’2008 Best Calling Cards Rating

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Let’s see that new in April’08 best calling cards ratings. These cards was choosen by our customers. Especially they prefer to bought next three calling cards:

  1. Jupiter by ECC service provider
  2. Continental from NW-IP
  3. Saturn by ECC too

Jupiter phone card is a most popular cards in our online shop. Jupiter allow you  make low costs overseas and domestic phone calls, also this calling card provide crystal voice quality. With Jupiter calling card you no need to pay  maintenance or connection fees and we offering 10 percent discount for this telephone card.

Continental calling cards provides many convenient telecommunication features as Web callback, VoIP, SMS refill, Conference calls and etc. On our blog you can find many post about these telecom features and we will try present you more telecom news. I recommend use Continental for communication with friends and business partners by all over the world.

Saturn phone cards offering affordable international calling rates. This calling cards have a Permanent PIN and you may refill it in any time and always have phone connection. With Saturn calling card you may save your money by calling to local access numbers from cellphone.

From cellphone’s airtime calling cards most purchasing cards was Boost mobile.

Full rating of best buing calling cards in April’2008

Rating Calling card
1 Jupiter
2 Continental
3 Saturn
4 Simply
5 Mariachi
6 CheapStreet
7 Golden Lotus
8 Mozart
9 Champion
10 FastWorld
11 PennyBoss
12 GlobalTalk
13 Lucky Minutes
14 Royal Call
15 Bizon-new
16 AT&T
17 Africa
18 Sahara
19 Middle East
20 Hello from UK
21 Cheap Call
22 Express
23 Partner-New

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