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May 4, 2008 on 2:26 pm | In Telecommunication services | 5 Comments

Last century has witnessed various innovations which simplified human life. Especially the last quarter of the century primarily was dedicated to innovations in the communications field. The internet revolution completely changed the way the world stay in touch. It has incorporated the existing technologies and improved it substantially. On the lines of such innovation came Web Call.

The invention of telephone revolutionized the way the world communicated. Distances took a back seat and all the improvements happened keeping in mind the consumer preferences and comfort. Along came cell phones, calling cards etc which were not just better technologically but also were economical. Internet on its end increased the options even more.

With Web call service one can make long distance calls anywhere, at rock bottom prices! And all they need is an internet connection! No special hardware or software is required unlike Net 2 Phone wherein the users had to have headphones to communicate. With Web Call all one needs to do is enter the respective telephone numbers with country codes, and then just press call on the screen. You are directly connected to the destination mobile, and you talk over the phone and not your computer.

Presently this service is available free of cost to a few countries like United States, while in others the prices are less than that of even the calling cards. One just needs to create an account on the websites providing these services and bingo you’ve got call!


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