Call from Israel

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I want to go to Israel on Dead Sea with my family from May,16 to 31 and may not be able to writing at this time new posts.

What calling cards I want to take?

Golden LotusRead phone card details | blog post

Jupiter calling cardSee detailsread blog post about Jupiter or check calling cards rating

When I get back will tell you what phone card is better for calling from Israel.

Best regards, Serg

Bizon calling cards review

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Bizon is a refillable calling cards provided by NTC carrier with the Permanent PIN and PIN free access features. Also Bizon calling cards are no connection and maintenance fee and offering to you lowest calling rates to very many countries all around the world. Using Local Access and Toll Free Numbers in the USA and Canada and Local Access Numbers in Europe. Bizon can make communication in travels easier, you can refill Bizon at any time.

bizon phone card
As we said Bizon phone cards not have maintenance & connection fees, rounding time is 1 min. Toll Free Access Numbers available in the US and Canada, Local Access Numbers in USA, Canada and European countries. For this calling card apply  Service taxes and surcharges 15%, payphone charge is 99 ¢. Prompt language is English only. Bizon telephone cards will expires if no refill within 10 months.

For using PIN free access feature just register your phone number with bizon calling card and system automatically recognized it after you dial Access number. You no need remember long PIN number.

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Cards To Phone

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What do you think this is the fake or magic with cards and phone


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AllTell That Ends Well

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In this cut throat competition amongst the sea of cell phone providers, Alltel prepaid wireless has arrived in the market with its brand name U Prepaid. The company is based in Little Rock, Arkansas, and they have a strong national network which supports this prepaid.


If you love chatting a lot on the phone with your loved ones then Alltel prepaid wireless service is the best option for you. With three flexible per minute plans, there are no strings attached. Yup no contracts just go ahead and start calling and pay daily, weekly or monthly whatever suits your needs. Also thrown in is a good choice of modern instruments it’s a Win-Win situation for the consumer.

With features such as voicemail, 3-way calling and caller id being provided with all the services. Also there is plethora of options available with each plan, like unlimited nights and weekends. For lovers the best thing is unlimited favorite number calling. So, just list your beloved’s number as favorite and chat away till eternity. Of course the variations do come at an extra cost and the overall prepaid being one of the expensive prepaid cards, these can be considered to be small price to be paid for convenience.

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April’2008 Best Calling Cards Rating

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Let’s see that new in April’08 best calling cards ratings. These cards was choosen by our customers. Especially they prefer to bought next three calling cards:

  1. Jupiter by ECC service provider
  2. Continental from NW-IP
  3. Saturn by ECC too

Jupiter phone card is a most popular cards in our online shop. Jupiter allow you  make low costs overseas and domestic phone calls, also this calling card provide crystal voice quality. With Jupiter calling card you no need to pay  maintenance or connection fees and we offering 10 percent discount for this telephone card.

Continental calling cards provides many convenient telecommunication features as Web callback, VoIP, SMS refill, Conference calls and etc. On our blog you can find many post about these telecom features and we will try present you more telecom news. I recommend use Continental for communication with friends and business partners by all over the world.

Saturn phone cards offering affordable international calling rates. This calling cards have a Permanent PIN and you may refill it in any time and always have phone connection. With Saturn calling card you may save your money by calling to local access numbers from cellphone.

From cellphone’s airtime calling cards most purchasing cards was Boost mobile.

Full rating of best buing calling cards in April’2008

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Web Calls

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Last century has witnessed various innovations which simplified human life. Especially the last quarter of the century primarily was dedicated to innovations in the communications field. The internet revolution completely changed the way the world stay in touch. It has incorporated the existing technologies and improved it substantially. On the lines of such innovation came Web Call.

The invention of telephone revolutionized the way the world communicated. Distances took a back seat and all the improvements happened keeping in mind the consumer preferences and comfort. Along came cell phones, calling cards etc which were not just better technologically but also were economical. Internet on its end increased the options even more.

With Web call service one can make long distance calls anywhere, at rock bottom prices! And all they need is an internet connection! No special hardware or software is required unlike Net 2 Phone wherein the users had to have headphones to communicate. With Web Call all one needs to do is enter the respective telephone numbers with country codes, and then just press call on the screen. You are directly connected to the destination mobile, and you talk over the phone and not your computer.

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