Mariachi international phone cards

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Mariachi phone card is the best choice for calls from Mexico to USA and many other countries. This phone cards offering Local Access Numbers for next cities in Mexico: Mexico- City, Guadelajara, Monterey, Leon, Puebla, Teluca.

You’ll enjoy cheapest calling rates from Mexico to foreign  countries. Except calling from Mexico Mariachi phone card may be used for domestic calls and calling from United States to other countries with lowest rates to  Central American countries.

calling to mexico 

Mariachi calling cards not have a connection fee, maintenance fee is 89c per week, service fee may be apply depend of phone company. Pay phone charge is 99c in the USA and can apply in other countries, rounding time – 2 minutes. Mariachi have as  Toll Free Access Numbers as Local Access Numbers.  Validity period – 6 months from first use or refill, for prompt you can choose from next languages:  English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German.

Mariachi calling rates in Mexico

Mexico Local Access Numbers Rate Increase
Mexico City (+52 55)15152015 No Increase
Guadelajara (+52 33)15152015 +1.5 c/min
Monterey (+52 81)15152015 +1.5 c/min
Leon (+52 72)25152015 +1.5 c/min
Puebla (+52 22)25152015 +1.5 c/min
Toluca (+52 47)75152015 +1.5 c/min
Mexico 01-800-687-0006 +10 c/min
Mexico pay phone 01-800-687-0006 +30 c/min

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