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AT&T (which was formally Cingular wireless) is now the biggest cellphone service provider in the world, with well over 62 billion subscribers. AT&T offers one of the largest, and widespread network available today. ATT, originally formed in 2001 as Cingular wireless, changed its name over to AT&T to reflect on its parent company.

AT&T offers unlimited calling plan. They also offer a rollover plan which lets you roll
unused minutes over to the next month, which is a feature that most other carriers don’t let you do. You can also pay extra to have your night and weekend hours expaned.

AT&T also offers one of the best line of cell phones to go along with the service. They
were the very first to add the Motorola Razr and is the only provider for the Apple Iphone. Also they are claim to the largest BlackBerry service of any other company out there. They also carry the most Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones. They also offer Samsung and LG in there line.

AT&T also released a study to prove that it had the fewest dropped calles of any cellphone carrier.

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