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March 10, 2008 on 4:50 pm | In Cell phones | 2 Comments

Cellphones are becoming as integral part of our lives. It’s not surprising that groundbreaking study published explains mobile technologies has definitely changed the way we work, love and live. Commissioned by Motorola company the new study takes behavioral researchers to 9 big cities around the world, from New York to London. By using a combination of personal interviews, the field studies, and observation, the study has identified a set of behaviors that reveal dramatic force of cellphones have on the way people interact.This study is found that cellphones give people a new personal power, enabling unprecedented mobility and enables them to conduct business on the road. Interesting enough, the gender differences can be found in the use of telephones. Women see their cellphones as a means of expression and social communication, while men tend to use it just as interactive toys. Some men view the cellphone as a status symbol – in competition with other men and most of them high-tech toys and even using cellphones to seduce the opposite sex. The study found the two types of cellphone users-”innite” who use their cellphones discreetly and “outies” which are stronger and less interested in the people around them.

Cellphones are often used by younger generation to send SMS by typing with their thumbs on the mobile phone’s keyboard. This has had profound effect on how teens use their thumb. Thumb skill has improved to such an extent that some teenagers and even point now ring door-bells with their thumb instead of their finger. The use of these two way text messaging devices also resulted in “the generation of the text,” a language of abbreviations which is understood by the youth of the world.

However, cellphones are not just for young man. Cellphone has made long-distance communications easy. Mobile phones that place calls around the world have made the world into global village. They help people of all generations across cultural boundaries and physical. Mobile technologies, particularly the use of cellphones have become an internal part of today’s worldwide life.


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