February 2008 best calling cards rating

March 3, 2008 on 3:48 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

I glad to present list of best calling cards in February’ 08. By our rating in first place Jupiter phone cards. Jupiter offering best calling rates with high quality of connection, we also wrote about this awesome calling card many times and you can find details on Jupiter info page or in our overview of this phone card.

Second place took Simply phone card provided by NW-IP carrier. Simply is Permanent PIN calling cards, offering refill operations and PIN free access option – with PIN free access your phone number will recognize  automatically after dialing access number, it’s allow you not enter PIN number every time. Simply telephone card have cheapest long-distance calling rates to many country – Australia, Israel, Italy, Mexico and many others. Toll-free number with Simply accesible from U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

In third place is Bizon calling card (service provider is NTC). Bizon international calling cards is Permanent PIN card with PIN free access and Refill feature too and without connection and maintenance fees. You can use this card for phone calls from the USA, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, UK and many other European countries. Now, you can buy Bizon telephone card with 10% off.

More information about these phonecards, rates and dialing instruction you can see on details page wich there are for all our cards

Full rating of calling cards in February’ 08

Rating Calling card
1 Jupiter
2 Simply
3 Bizon
4 Continental
5 CheapStreet
6 Saturn
7 AT&T
8 Golden Lotus
9 Mariachi
10 Champion
11 Penny Boss
12 FastWorld
13 Mozart
14 Cardinal
15 Lucky Minutes
16 Royal Call
17 Cheap Call
18 Express
19 Hello from UK


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