Unlimited calling plans from Sprint

February 29, 2008 on 5:07 pm | In Telecommunication services | 3 Comments

One of major wireless carriers Sprint Nextel in the footprint of Verizon and AT&T wireless introducing unlimited calling plan. Company is hope that this step help lure more subscribers. Remind that Sprint in the last quarter lost more than $29.5 billion after down value of Nextel Communication acquiring and very needed in bringing to new customers.


Sprint offering two unlimited calling plans for 99.99 as AT&T wireless and Verizon wireless and for 89.99 per month. With $99.99 plan customers get unlimited phone calls, unlimited data, e-mail and web surfing. As opposed to AT&T and Verizon Sprint Netxtel not charge extra for internet surfing. $89.99 plan include unlimited voice and text messaging, this price low than offers of main competitor of Sprint and can help company lure more customers and keeping existing.

If the new customers want connecting to new unlimited plan they have to sign 2 year contract with Sprint. Existing  customers may switch to unlimited calling plan without extending their current contract.


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