Water Powered CellPhones

February 18, 2008 on 1:47 pm | In Cell phones | 3 Comments

Thank you marcosi that remind me in comment to Charge cellphone while you walking post about possibility using hydrogen for powered cellphones.

Today I want  to tell more about this technology. When metal and water react water molecules is cracking produced hydrogen gas. This proccess set in special fueling station and after inserted in metal-hydride container on cellphone. Molecules of hydrogen started pass through  membranes in fuel cell and electrons are stripped away and get diverted to run the cellphone.

There some various technologies for receive power form water. Fuel cells developed by Angstrom Power and Motorola cellphone company need the methanol to produced hydrogen. In fuel cells announced by Samsung gas reacts with the oxygen in air thus allow using only water for generate power. Samsung’s micro fuel cell can generate up to 3 watts of the electricity that enough to turn on cellphone.

Employment of hydrogen as source of power permit never purchase new fuel feedstock, you can just get it from faucet with water. Cellphone runs on hydrogen fuel cells are expected to public using by 2010 year.


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