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February 11, 2008 on 4:44 pm | In Telecommunication services | 4 Comments

Voice over IP has been there for quite sometime. But why is the sudden boom? We have battered the Web for capable and informed resources to piece together a complete picture presented in this guide. I shall present my views and the points of some experts.

Let me start with a short overview of what VOIP is all about and the users, its benefits and challenges confronting the use of VOIP along with the biggies in the VOIP sector.

For a company, Voice over IP goods include Internet Call Centers, IP Gateways, Unified Messaging, IP Gate Keepers Conferencing, IP Phones, IP PBX and many more applications and solutions.

Conventionally high-quality voice transmission between two or more parties phone calls are carried through Public Switched Telephone Networks. Where as data such as web browsing, email etc. are carried through packet-based data networks like ATM, IP and Frame Relay. In the past few years, there has been a drastic and rapid change towards using data networks to carry both the telephone calls and the data. It is called convergence of data and voice networks.

VOIP digitizes and transmits analog voice signals as a stream of packets through a digital data network. VOIP technology ensures good rebuilding of tone/voice signals, compensating for echoes owing to the end-to-end delay, for jitter and for dropped packets and for signaling necessary for making phone calls.

The Internet Protocol network used to support IP telephony can be a typical LAN, a network of leased services or the Internet.
VOIP calls can be completed or received using normal analog, digital and IP phones. A bridge is created by VOIP between PSTN and IP networks. A call can be placed through the local PSTN network to the nearest gateway server, which moves it onto the Internet for transport to a gateway at the receiving end. With the advent of VOIP gateways, telephone-to-computer calls, computer-to-telephone calls, and telephone-to-telephone calls are made with complete ease.

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