Charge cellphone while you walking

February 8, 2008 on 3:37 pm | In Cell phones | 6 Comments

Scientists have found that energy from movement of the knees has the potential to generate enough electricity from walking to charge your cellphone and created machine capturing knee brace cumulate new energy while you walk.

During the tests six volunteers wore this brace on their knees and walking by treadmill at 2.2 miles per hour. Each of them can produced about 5 watts of electrical power. That quantity of energy enough for run 10 cellphones simultaneously.

Report of this test reveals that in mode in which the capturing brace is only activated while the knee is braking, the subjects required less than 1 watt of extra metabolic power for each watt of electrical power they generated.

Director of the Locomotion Laboratory at Simon Fraser University in Canada Max Donelan said: “Since muscles are the powerhouses of the body, my colleagues and I designed our device to generate electricity from the motion of the knee joint. It resembles a knee brace and weighs about 1.5 kilograms [3.3 pounds] including the gearing and generator.”

This device capturing the energy of movements by coupling an electrical generator to knee motion. When  wearer extends the knee, a gear on the device turns and spins generator which builds up energy if knee is flexed, the device turns off so as not to tax the wearer. The machine senses motion and knows when to activate itself.

This construction allow use device without expending much additional energy beyond the normal demands of walking and would be helpful for hikers, soldiers and other people whose lives depend on portable energy.

When will be created lighter version of this device, it can be used in everyday life for charging cellphone and other portable devices.

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