Skype on Sony PSP

February 6, 2008 on 4:15 pm | In Uncategorized | 4 Comments

This is not a news but I find out about only today from CNN - Sony PSP console supports Skype.  If you owner of Sony PSP Slim you could make VoIP calls with Skype to PC, SkypePhone or other PSP. You only need to upgrade your console system software to  3.90 version.
Sony promises that PSP owners activated new service can call and meeting for free to 276 meters other Skype users and see online friend available to talk. Also they can make cheap phone calls to cellphones and landlines with PSP через SkypeOut if you have a Skype credit.

I like Skype and this great offer but Sony goes by one way – continue to increase multimedia ability of PSP and PS3 devices and instead of game console you receive MultiMedia center. May be is not bad and for one time paying money you can see video, listen music, make free phone calls, but if game console not get good gameplay it’s sucks.

Better I’ll buy Nintendo DS and get interesting games with innovation  controlling. All in one is not always good. Look games for PSP are sold worse than the console. Users just not perceive PSP as game system, they purchase multimedia center but not game console and if Sony can sell more PSP than Nintendo DS that is never likely to happen but Nintendo  already win this war IMHO.

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