Unlimited calling plans from Sprint

February 29, 2008 on 5:07 pm | In Telecommunication services | 3 Comments

One of major wireless carriers Sprint Nextel in the footprint of Verizon and AT&T wireless introducing unlimited calling plan. Company is hope that this step help lure more subscribers. Remind that Sprint in the last quarter lost more than $29.5 billion after down value of Nextel Communication acquiring and very needed in bringing to new customers.


Sprint offering two unlimited calling plans for 99.99 as AT&T wireless and Verizon wireless and for 89.99 per month. With $99.99 plan customers get unlimited phone calls, unlimited data, e-mail and web surfing. As opposed to AT&T and Verizon Sprint Netxtel not charge extra for internet surfing. $89.99 plan include unlimited voice and text messaging, this price low than offers of main competitor of Sprint and can help company lure more customers and keeping existing.

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Nokia Morph Cellphone

February 29, 2008 on 4:25 pm | In Cell phones | 7 Comments

On this video Nokia offering future of cellphone – Morph Phone


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Chopin calling card

February 26, 2008 on 3:02 pm | In Calling cards | 2 Comments

The Chopin calling card offers crystal quality of connection and lowest overseas and domestic calling rates to multiple destinations. Chopin phone card provided by NTC telecom carriers and has Global Access numbers all over the world. You may use this telephone card to call from Canada, Spain, India, China, UK, Russia, Germany, Italy, Austria and many other counties and enjoy the lowest long-distance calling rates and high voice quality.

chopin calling card

This calling card has great features: No Connection and Maintenance Fees, Rounding – 1 second it’s help save your money if you dial wrong phone number. Chopin card provides Toll free access numbers and Local access numbers, no Tax. Payphone charge is 99c, validity period 3 months. Available next promt languages – English, Spanish and Russian.

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Water Powered CellPhones

February 18, 2008 on 1:47 pm | In Cell phones | 3 Comments

Thank you marcosi that remind me in comment to Charge cellphone while you walking post about possibility using hydrogen for powered cellphones.

Today I want  to tell more about this technology. When metal and water react water molecules is cracking produced hydrogen gas. This proccess set in special fueling station and after inserted in metal-hydride container on cellphone. Molecules of hydrogen started pass through  membranes in fuel cell and electrons are stripped away and get diverted to run the cellphone.

There some various technologies for receive power form water. Fuel cells developed by Angstrom Power and Motorola cellphone company need the methanol to produced hydrogen. In fuel cells announced by Samsung gas reacts with the oxygen in air thus allow using only water for generate power. Samsung’s micro fuel cell can generate up to 3 watts of the electricity that enough to turn on cellphone.

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Africa phone card

February 14, 2008 on 4:47 pm | In Calling cards, Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Africa phone card provided by NTC telecommunication carriers. This card present the best calling rates from the USA, Canada and Europe to many African countries. Africa telephone card offering extremely cheap overseas and domestic calling rates with crystal quality of connection, Toll free access numbers in the USA and Toll Free&Local Access numbers in Canada make it both economical and user friendly.

africa phone card
Africa international phone cards not have connection fees, maintenance fee is only $0,69 in week, rounding time 3 min. Service Taxes & Surcharges 15%, pay phone charge $0,99. Available promt languages for this card – English, Spanish and French.

For using Africa card from Canada or Europe, please check Local Access Number for your area and not forget check with your local phone company that your Local Access Number will free of charge for you. Full dialing instruction and rates for Africa calling card you can see on detail page.

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VoIP overview

February 11, 2008 on 4:44 pm | In Telecommunication services | 4 Comments

Voice over IP has been there for quite sometime. But why is the sudden boom? We have battered the Web for capable and informed resources to piece together a complete picture presented in this guide. I shall present my views and the points of some experts.

Let me start with a short overview of what VOIP is all about and the users, its benefits and challenges confronting the use of VOIP along with the biggies in the VOIP sector.

For a company, Voice over IP goods include Internet Call Centers, IP Gateways, Unified Messaging, IP Gate Keepers Conferencing, IP Phones, IP PBX and many more applications and solutions.

Conventionally high-quality voice transmission between two or more parties phone calls are carried through Public Switched Telephone Networks. Where as data such as web browsing, email etc. are carried through packet-based data networks like ATM, IP and Frame Relay. In the past few years, there has been a drastic and rapid change towards using data networks to carry both the telephone calls and the data. It is called convergence of data and voice networks.

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Charge cellphone while you walking

February 8, 2008 on 3:37 pm | In Cell phones | 6 Comments

Scientists have found that energy from movement of the knees has the potential to generate enough electricity from walking to charge your cellphone and created machine capturing knee brace cumulate new energy while you walk.

During the tests six volunteers wore this brace on their knees and walking by treadmill at 2.2 miles per hour. Each of them can produced about 5 watts of electrical power. That quantity of energy enough for run 10 cellphones simultaneously.

Report of this test reveals that in mode in which the capturing brace is only activated while the knee is braking, the subjects required less than 1 watt of extra metabolic power for each watt of electrical power they generated.

Director of the Locomotion Laboratory at Simon Fraser University in Canada Max Donelan said: “Since muscles are the powerhouses of the body, my colleagues and I designed our device to generate electricity from the motion of the knee joint. It resembles a knee brace and weighs about 1.5 kilograms [3.3 pounds] including the gearing and generator.”

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Skype on Sony PSP

February 6, 2008 on 4:15 pm | In Uncategorized | 4 Comments

This is not a news but I find out about only today from CNN - Sony PSP console supports Skype.  If you owner of Sony PSP Slim you could make VoIP calls with Skype to PC, SkypePhone or other PSP. You only need to upgrade your console system software to  3.90 version.
Sony promises that PSP owners activated new service can call and meeting for free to 276 meters other Skype users and see online friend available to talk. Also they can make cheap phone calls to cellphones and landlines with PSP через SkypeOut if you have a Skype credit.

I like Skype and this great offer but Sony goes by one way – continue to increase multimedia ability of PSP and PS3 devices and instead of game console you receive MultiMedia center. May be is not bad and for one time paying money you can see video, listen music, make free phone calls, but if game console not get good gameplay it’s sucks.

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January 2008 Calling Cards Rating

February 3, 2008 on 4:50 pm | In Calling cards | 6 Comments

We glad to offer you new rating of calling cards. This is very important telephone cards rating because it first in new 2008 year.

In the first place as we predicted when present last calling cards list of 2007 – Jupiter calling card. We will not talk much about this card it our permanent leader and we write more about Jupiter. Just remind that this refillable telephone card provided by by ECC carrier offer low calling rates to many countries with high connections quality

In the second place Saturn calling card (today is not rating of telephone cards but parade of planets :) ). Saturn is a refillable phone card with Permanent PIN option, and no expiration date! This calling card provide lowest long-distance calling rates from USA and Canada to many countries with high voice quality. Service provided by ECC to.

In third place Continental calling card from NW-IP provider. This is featured calling cards offering you many telecommunication solution as VoIP, Web callback, SMS refill and more other for convenient phone calls with low cost. We can’t write about all these services but you may find full description and instruction there – Telecom services.
In January’08 the best prepaid cards for mobile telephones was Cingular, AllTel and Boost-mobile.

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