Recycle Your CellPhone

January 9, 2008 on 2:31 pm | In Cell phones, Telecommunication services | 4 Comments

In recent years telecommunication industry experience strong growth all over the world. Every month telecom company released new models of mobile handsets and many people change cellphones several times a year. Therefore, the campaign for recycling used cellphones launching by CTIA is very important for educational purposes that would increase of mobile devices recycling and thus help protect the environment.

CTIA – the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry, representing carriers, manufacturers and wireless Internet providers commended U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and partnering companies for launching a new education campaign, “Recycle Your CellPhone. It’s An Easy Call.” This campaign aims to increase public awareness of cellphone recycling and donation opportunities, with the ultimate goal of increasing the nation’s cellphones recycling rate.

“Maintaining a successful national, consumer-friendly wireless recycling program has been a longstanding priority for the wireless industry,” said CTIA-The Wireless Association President and CEO, Steve Largent. “Any additional effort to raise public awareness and spotlight the important issue of wireless recycling is a good thing in my book. We welcome the new campaign and look forward to working with the EPA and partnering companies as we continue to spread the message about how easy it is to recycle cell phones”

The wireless industry launched a comprehensive, nationwide recycling campaign called “Wireless…The New Recyclable,” in 2003. The public outreach and awareness campaign provides wireless consumers with information about the importance of recycling wireless devices. The campaign has also focused on alerting consumers about how they can recycle their used devices. The centerpiece of the campaign has been the establishment of in-store phone take-back programs across the country that allow consumers to bring their used wireless devices and related accessories to carrier and other retail outlets for recycling.

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December 2007 Calling Cards Rating

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Sorry for the delay I had a problem with the internet connection.

In December’ 07 rating’s  change leader - the first place in this month took PennyBoss calling cards provided by NTC. PennyBoss received first place due to the high number of refill. This suggests that customers like this calling card, and they do not want to change it. Recall the basic features of PennyBoss phone cards – PIN free access & Permanent PIN with refill feature, Local and Toll Free Access numbers for USA.

In second place down Jupiter phone card. But I think in next month Jupiter return it popularity because this phone card offer cheap calling rates and high voice quality. Jupiter calling cards provided by ECC carriers is a Permanent PIN refillable card with  PIN Free Access feature without expiration date.

To third place returned Continental calling card from from NW-IP service provider. Continental calling card offering many telecommunication services as Web Call, Prepaid Conference Calls, SMS refill and other. Description of all these services and full dialing instructions are available at Continetal calling cards details page.

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