Conference calls

December 2, 2007 on 12:46 pm | In Telecommunication services | 2 Comments

Conference calls is one of the widest facilities used in today’s telephone globe. As the name suggests, it enables many users to talk simultaneously conveniently. Conference calls can be configured in several ways. It can be such designed that only few parties can be silent spectators instead of speaking. Conference calls are generally initiated by the initial caller and later on add the other participants from his /her end. Now the same process is iterated for other peoples also. They also add other users in the similar way if the necessity arises. The whole process is termed as “Conference Bridge”.

However the number of persons varies according to the different telecom operators. Outsourcing companies widely used this service for their needs. Three way calling is a variant of conference calling. I this mode of operation, the first person call the second person. After the call is successfully initiated, he presses flash button in his handset and dials third party’s number he want to enroll in the conversation. When the ring starts, he once again presses the flash button. This successfully connects three people.

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