Calling cards in our lives

December 26, 2007 on 4:40 pm | In Calling cards | 3 Comments

Calling cards sometimes also known as telephone card has become a very common terminology in cellular world. Conventionally, calling card is smart cards which have some in build talk time embedded in them. Call tariffs varies according to the mobile operators.

Functionality of calling card is very simple. Each phone card has a unique digits secret pin number. User have to enter this secret code before making a call. This system is implemented to check the integrity of the user (whether the valid owner of the card is using it or any unwanted intruders). After verifying the complete identity of the user, the call is connected successfully. Calling cards are normally disposable. We have to throw away the card after talk time is finished.

Calling cards are of different denominations with different facilities. Technology behind calling card is also very lucid. It uses remote stored value memory and remote memory for that. We can check our card’s balance easily by inserting it into a pay phone. It is similar as inserting ATM cards into the machine to verify the card’s balance. Optical memory is the latest platform nowadays used. Optical cards identify their name by checking holes and impression left on the cards. In the near days calling words will take over the postpaid systems.


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