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Royal call is a rechargeable phone cards with Permanent PIN number without expiration date provided by ECC carrier. RoyalCall offering cheapest rates for long distance calling from Canada to many international destinations with crystal connection. Also RoyalCall phone cards may be used from the USA.

royal call 

For recharge Royall Call cards you need go to My Account menu, choose My Permanent PINs. There you can see reports about your phone calls, balance and if necessary add more funds.

Royal Call phone cards not have connection and maintenance fees, pay phone charge no in Canada but may be applied in USA, service taxes & surcharges 10%. Rounding time is 1 minute. Toll free access numbers with royalcall available for USA & Canada – 877-640-9039, prompt language for this calling card only english because it provides best rates from Canada and USA. Toll Free surcharges: Canada – East: + 4 c/min; Canada – Maritime: + 5 c/min; Canada – West: + 6 c/min and USA is + 8 c/min.

Local Access Numbers for RoyalCall

Barrie (705)792-2054
Belleville (613)969-6502
Guelph (519)341-0009
Hamilton (905)667-3115
Kingston (613)536-3825
Kitchener (519)772-3434
London (519)963-3012
Montreal (514)940-1132
Oshwa (905)448-0052
Ottawa (613)688-3356
Quebec (418)266-1419
St. Catharines (905)984-3973
Toronto (416)644-3009
Vancouver (604)484-6097

 (604)484-6097More information about Royall Call phone cards – calling rates, dialing instructions, other communication services and buy calling card you can on Royal Call details page.


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