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December 6, 2007 on 2:06 pm | In Cell phones | 1 Comment

Boost mobile is brand of cell phone which has Irvine, California as its base and is a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel. In the United States, Boost Mobile makes use of CDMA and iDEN networks for iDEN mobile phones that are special to renonwed CDMA phones and to Boost.It extended its service to Australia in the year 2000 and in New Zealand the following year over Telecom New Zealand.

iDEN services include famous and unique features such as the caller tones/dialer tones, ringtone, games and wallpaper download, GPS navigation and many other interesting services. The same services can be obtained with Boost’s CDMA network as well. As Boost mobile operates on iDEN, there is a requirement for Subscriber Identity Module shortly known as SIM card in order to store user information. Hence it is very easy to use Boost Mobile along with a handset just by inserting the SIM card into the handset.

In New Zealand it operates under Telecom of New Zealand. Handsets and services are offered via Telecom New Zealand whilst the content is offered by Booost Mobile. In Australia it is through Optus Network that Boost Mobile provides its services.

Boost mobile mainly targets the youth and hence it’s growth rate has been stupendous. It is the most popular wireless service network in the Unite States and has more than 4 million users under its belt. Boost Mobile claims to be one specially tailor made for the trendy, street savvy, effervescent youth. Boost mobile undoubtedly is one among the best wireless service providers and is touted to reach higher scales in the near future.

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