Samsung BlackJack II i617 video

December 30, 2007 on 12:32 pm | In Cell phones | 3 Comments

Yesterday I posted review about new cellphone Samsung BlackJack II i617 Burgundy. Today I want offering you video shows all major features of this cell phone.


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Samsung BlackJack II i617 Burgundy

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Samsung BlackJack II i617 Burgundy AT&T, the personal computer experience of a slim, compact handsetideal for today’s mobile consumers.  The upgrade Samsung BlackJack II improves on the hot selling Samsung BlackJack. The powerful and performance-driven BlackJack II, which is available in smooth black and red wine color options, features a full QWERTY keyboard, large 2.4 QVGA color screen and front jog wheel to increase productivity and improve of the mobile experience.
OS Windows Mobile 6 with larger RAM ensures faster things done. This mobile phone has a built-in GPS device with GPS Navigator ™ audible turn-by-turn driving directions. There is also a 2.0-megapixel camera upgraded, aboard XM Satellite Radio, Media Player and stereo Bluetooth. Samsung BlackJack II offers AT&T Video Share feature that gives users to share live video over the cell phones while on a voice.

Updated BlackJack II support tri-band 3G UMTS / HSDPA, quad-band EDGE / GPRS technology for access to e-mail, the Internet and many other application data in more than 135 countries – including China, Japan, South Korea. Customers can make or receive phone calls in more than 190 countries across the world. RSS reader can quickly and easily syndication of news, headlines, and other online sources. Speakerphone was cleaner and louder.

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Calling cards in our lives

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Calling cards sometimes also known as telephone card has become a very common terminology in cellular world. Conventionally, calling card is smart cards which have some in build talk time embedded in them. Call tariffs varies according to the mobile operators.

Functionality of calling card is very simple. Each phone card has a unique digits secret pin number. User have to enter this secret code before making a call. This system is implemented to check the integrity of the user (whether the valid owner of the card is using it or any unwanted intruders). After verifying the complete identity of the user, the call is connected successfully. Calling cards are normally disposable. We have to throw away the card after talk time is finished.

Calling cards are of different denominations with different facilities. Technology behind calling card is also very lucid. It uses remote stored value memory and remote memory for that. We can check our card’s balance easily by inserting it into a pay phone. It is similar as inserting ATM cards into the machine to verify the card’s balance. Optical memory is the latest platform nowadays used. Optical cards identify their name by checking holes and impression left on the cards. In the near days calling words will take over the postpaid systems.

Nice ringtone for your cellphone

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And you like other people’s mobile ringtones?


My Location – new feature of Google Maps for mobile phones

December 20, 2007 on 3:46 pm | In Telecommunication services | 3 Comments

Google Maps for cell phones can help you figure out where you are, what is around you, and how to get there. And first of all you need to enter in a starting point using the keypad. Now, some people are lucky enough to have GPS – enabled cellphones that provide location information for GoogleMaps for mobile phone but the vast majority of us are not. This technology is currently available in over 20 countries and Google is working to increase its availability.

Google Maps for mobile works with the following devices:

  • Most Java-enabled cellphones
  • Palms handsets with PalmOS 5 or above
  • All BlackBerry handsets
  • Windows Mobile handsets with Windows Mobile OS 2003, 5.0 or above
  • Symbian Series 60 3rd edition handsets

In early December Google has announced a new feature called “My Location”. Is a new beta technology from Google that uses cell tower identification to provide you with approximate location information. So it will work on cellphones without GPS. Simply fire up Google Maps for mobile, press 0 button, and the map will indicate your location by centering on a blue dot:

If you do have a cellphone with GPS, My Location may complement it. My Location kicks in faster than GPS in most cases, so you can access your location even faster on the map. It also works reliably indoors and doesn’t drain your cell phone battery at the rate that GPS device.

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December 16, 2007 on 1:28 pm | In Cell phones | 4 Comments

TracFone is a cellular giant in the mobile industry and has attracted
more than 65,000 customers worldwide. TracFone
has its base in Miami,Florida. TracFone belongs to America Movil which
is the biggest mobile network operator in South America. TracFone is
headed by F.J.Pollak(President and the CEO). Previously known as Topp
telecomm the transition to TracFone took place on November 15th, 2000.

It takes pride in providing a vast and varied range in prepaid mobile
phones with pocket friendly plans. It offers its service to the United
States, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. It is the sixth largest cell
phone opearator
at present and it is the biggest mobile virtual
network operator(MVNO) with above 8 million users in the U.S market.
TracFone sells it products and services through website as well as
through retailers like Walmart, Target and RadioShack.

TracFone services are classified into — TracFone and Net10. The
pre-paid minutes and service options varies between these two and as
of now Net10 provides CDMA and GSM services.It’s competitors include
AT&T GoPhone, Alltel U Personalized Prepaid, T-Mobile To Go, INpulse,
Boost Mobile and Virgin mobile. TracFone’s revenue for the year 2006
was estimated at $1.3 billion USD.

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Royal call phone cards

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Royal call is a rechargeable phone cards with Permanent PIN number without expiration date provided by ECC carrier. RoyalCall offering cheapest rates for long distance calling from Canada to many international destinations with crystal connection. Also RoyalCall phone cards may be used from the USA.

royal call 

For recharge Royall Call cards you need go to My Account menu, choose My Permanent PINs. There you can see reports about your phone calls, balance and if necessary add more funds.

Royal Call phone cards not have connection and maintenance fees, pay phone charge no in Canada but may be applied in USA, service taxes & surcharges 10%. Rounding time is 1 minute. Toll free access numbers with royalcall available for USA & Canada – 877-640-9039, prompt language for this calling card only english because it provides best rates from Canada and USA. Toll Free surcharges: Canada – East: + 4 c/min; Canada – Maritime: + 5 c/min; Canada – West: + 6 c/min and USA is + 8 c/min.

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GPRS – revolution in cellular world

December 9, 2007 on 1:12 pm | In Telecommunication services | 5 Comments

General Packet Radio Service – GPRS is a cellular Data Service realizable to obligings of Total Logical order for Mobile Public relations GSM and IS-136 mobile phones. GPRS data transmission is practically charged with per kilobyte of transferred data, bit data communication via unwritten circumscription converting is statemented per minute of coupling moment, self-sufficient of whether the user has absolutely transferred data or has antiquated in an sluggish time. GPRS can be effete for services suchlike as Wireless Germaneness Protocol WAP corral, Dumpy Answering service Service SMS, Multimedia Messaging Service MMS, and for ISP conversation services parallel as email and Pursuits Splay Web annex.

2G car phone systems amassed tuned in GPRS is repeatedly ostensible as “2.5G”, other is, a technology separating the second (2G) and third (3G) in-laws of mobile telephony. It replenishs considered flash data move, by function bare Epoch splitting up varied secure (TDMA) channels in, for exemplification, the GSM rule. By birth beside the point was in part knowing to draw GPRS to drop extra conventional, but on second thought those networks are texture redone to use the GSM official, so fresh GSM is the lone sympathetic of computer network in whatever place GPRS is in use. GPRS is semiconductor chip muscle in GSM Floater 97 and newer reliefs. It was first consistent by European Telecommunications Conventional Institute (ETSI), but now by the 3rd Generation Crew Affair (3GPP).

Boost Mobile

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Boost mobile is brand of cell phone which has Irvine, California as its base and is a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel. In the United States, Boost Mobile makes use of CDMA and iDEN networks for iDEN mobile phones that are special to renonwed CDMA phones and to Boost.It extended its service to Australia in the year 2000 and in New Zealand the following year over Telecom New Zealand.

iDEN services include famous and unique features such as the caller tones/dialer tones, ringtone, games and wallpaper download, GPS navigation and many other interesting services. The same services can be obtained with Boost’s CDMA network as well. As Boost mobile operates on iDEN, there is a requirement for Subscriber Identity Module shortly known as SIM card in order to store user information. Hence it is very easy to use Boost Mobile along with a handset just by inserting the SIM card into the handset.

In New Zealand it operates under Telecom of New Zealand. Handsets and services are offered via Telecom New Zealand whilst the content is offered by Booost Mobile. In Australia it is through Optus Network that Boost Mobile provides its services.

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November 2007 Calling Cards Rating

December 3, 2007 on 3:21 pm | In Calling cards | 3 Comments

Introducing your rating calling and prepaid cellular cards in November’ 07

The best phonecard remains Jupiter by ECC provider, I think this is because Jupiter calling card offering customer reasonable calling rates to many countries with high voice quality and additional telecom services as recharge option, PIN free access and haven’t expiration date. The second place took PennyBoss refillable calling card provided by NTC carrier. PennyBoss card include PIN free access and Permanent PIN with refill option with Local and Toll Free Access numbers for USA. The third calling card it is Bizon new (Service Provided by NTC), this card can make your life easier with lowest calling rates to a wide array of countries and you get Toll Free Access and Local Access in the USA and Canada, as well as Local Access in Europe. You can recharge Bizon phone cards by any time and receive additional minutes without purchasing new card.

Penny Boss and Bizon calling cards have updated lower calling rates and due to this fact these cards were so popular.

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