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VOIP is an acronym for voice over internet protocol which basically sends voice messages/conversations via internet or through any internet protocol based network. It has proved very helpful to millions of users worldwide. With the advent of VOIP services people have found communication across the globe as an easy affair.

Those who provide these services are normally called as providers, and protocols which are used to take voice signals carried through the IP network are generally known as VOIP protocols. They can be seen as money-making realizations of the untried Network Voice Protocol developed for the ARPANET donor. A number of cost saving are due to use a solitary network to take voice and data, particularly where users have accessible underutilized network capacity that will carry VOIP at no additional cost. VOIP to VOIP phone calls are occasionally free, whereas VOIP to public switched phone networks, Public switched telephone network, may have a cost that is borne by the VOIP user.

Voice over internet protocols carry telephony signal as digital audio, naturally condensed into data rate using speech data compression procedures, summarized in a data packet stream over internet protocol.

There are 2 types of Public switched telephone network to voice over internet protocol services; they are direct inward dialing as well as access numbers. Direct inward dialing will bond the caller straight to the voice over internet protocol client whilst access numbers involve the caller to input the extension number of the VOIP user.
Now to make use of VOIP services all you need is a broadband connection which could be DSL or through a cable modem, a special software like skype, globe7 etc and a microphone is mandatory. To get started with these services is really an easy task. Make the most out of VOIP!


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