Choice of reliable calling cards. Part II

November 19, 2007 on 3:38 pm | In Calling cards | 4 Comments

In second part of our topic about choosing reliable calling card we want to tell how you can find phone cards with best calling rates to your destination.

 You may use our automatic system for search calling cards with best international rates – just select your country and destination country:

System select and represent in browser’s window list of calling cards and their rates.

You can buy or refill cards with variety amount of minutes from this list or see detail information of phone card and full dialing instructions by click on print of card.

On detail page you’ll see description of calling card, enumeration of all features, fees, service taxes & surcharges, rounding time, validity period, prompt languages.

Thus you can see full information about cards and calculate real phone calls cost. We display for you all expenses which you get with this calling cards without hidden fees and you self to take a decision will calls this card cheap for you or not.

Also we offering Customer rating of phone cards, you may see how other people rating this card and self rate it by connectivity, voice quality, billing accuracy and customer services.

Dialing instructions help you correctly dial phone numbers as international as domestic to avoid lost you money on wrong dialing numbers and optimize phone calls.

We hope that this tips help you find reliable calling card with best rates for your destination country.


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