Choice of reliable calling cards. Part I

November 16, 2007 on 2:43 pm | In Calling cards | 1 Comment

Recently, in the news has become information about failing of calling cards. “Sometimes calling cards give you all the minutes. Sometimes they don’t. Then you have to switch to a new card,” said Augusto Revolorio, a Miami Beach grocery stocker. “It costs me more to complain on the phone and be late for work, so I just rip up the calling card and buy a new one.”

Some phone cards fail to deliver the promised minutes. Others tack on confusing fees that may not be listed in the microscopic print on the back of the card. Still others rounding up each call to the nearest three-minute mark.

In the past year, attorneys general in Florida, California and several other states have begun to take a closer look at the calling card industry, as has the Federal Trade Commission. In October, Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., introduced legislation to regulate the telecommunication business.The push comes in part from an unlikely source - communications giant IDT Corp. The Newark, N.J., company settled its own decade-long class-action lawsuit in January over allegations it failed to adequately disclose its charges. Now, it is leading the call for regulation at the state and federal level. “What we’d like to see is an honest industry, where everyone is held to the same standard that we hold for ourselves,” IDT head Jim Courter said.As calling cards provider want to help you a choice reliable calling card and give some helpful tips.

First of all we recommended purchase calling cards in online shops, it’s give you next advantages:

Wide choice of calling cards from variety telecommunication carriers – no one of mini-mart won’t be able to give you such a choice.

Best rates search system – you can choose a phone card with best rates to your destination. Many of calling cards to release for make cheap phone calls in definite regions, especially for international calls, and if you’ll dialing with that card to other country price’s minutes of talk will be more expensive. For example Golden Lotus phone card have best rates for calls to India, but if you want dialing Haiti phone number best use Saturn calling card.

Dialing instructions – our shop offering you all full dialing instructions for all calling cards.

Also on our site you can find information about fees, additional charges and taxes, rounding time and other details for each cards. In offline shops salesman usually doesn’t know the details of calling cards. We offers you full details about our cards and features and you not needed to pay for service that you won’t use.

You receive 24/7 Technical Support for questions regarding connection quality, sales or service.

And buying calling cards online you not need to waiting, you receive PIN number instantly be e-mail and on PC screen.

In next part of article we describe how you can find detailed information about calling cards on our website –




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